What is an Infographic?

what is an infographic
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Infographics have been around for a while but have recently become all the rage. With sites like Digg dying, marketers who want to get a deluge of traffic to their site are incorporating informative graphics that tell a great story. For a couple of thousand dollars, you can hire an infographic company to generate a high resolution informative display that visually explains a problem. The Infographic company will do the research and the design. Some Infographic companies even have ongoing subscriptions.

An Infographic on the topic from Customer Magnetism:
what is an infographic

There are quite a few infographics design companies out there, including DK New Media, that provide this service. The viral traffic generated by a good infographic is only half the story. Since many people embed and speak about the infographic in their blogs and in social media, it’s an outstanding strategy for deploying backlinks to your business.


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    Infographics relevancy is growing everyday in social media. The internet marketing agency I chose was showing me exact numbers on how effective these things really are. Great post!

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