How Data Onboarding is Helping Multi-Channel Marketing

data onboarding

Your customers are visiting you – from their mobile device, from their tablet, from their work tablet, from their home desktop. They connect with you via social media, email, on your mobile application, via your website and in your business location.

The problem is that, unless you’re requiring a central login from every source, your data and tracking are fractured throughout different analytics and marketing platforms. In each platform, you’re looking at an incomplete view of the data and behavior associated with a customer or prospect.

What is Data On-Boarding?

Data On-Boarding aligns your customer data from disparate data sources and even in-store activity by matching digital signatures across the data. Mobile applications, for example, are able to identify a key associated with the hardware. Businesses and people can be geo-located and identified at specific IP locations. Loyalty cards, email addresses and logins can assist in identifying as well.

Data onboarding radically simplifies multi-channel marketing, empowering you to create better customer experiences and deliver more measurable results. Via LiveRamp

On-Boarding providers can match the customer across all of the data sources and begin tracking anonymous data until the visitor reveals their identify and the profiles are connected. Companies like LiveRamp collect data across a plethora of third party ad and marketing platforms to enhance the profiles and assure their accuracy.

This provides an incredibly powerful methodology to understanding how your customers are behaving, what marketing can be targeted and especially when and what channel to market them in.

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