What is Netnography?

what is netnography
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You’ve all heard my thoughts on buyer personas and the virtual ink is barely dry on that blog post, and I’ve already found a new and much better way of creating buyer personas.

Netnography has emerged as a much faster, more efficient and accurate means of creating buyer personas. And PersonaX is leading the way, using location-based social media data (geotagged) to analyze the social interactions and preferences of customers based on a defined area. PersonaX can draw a radius around any location you choose, and “scrape” all kinds of data from people within that area.

The Definition of Netnography

Netnography is the branch of ethnography (the scientific description of the customs of individual peoples and cultures) that analyses the free behaviour of individuals on the Internet that uses online marketing research techniques to provide useful insights.

Robert Kozinets

Netnography compiles and analyzes data about the free social behavior of individuals on the Internet. The key is that this data is collected when consumers are behaving freely, as opposed to research surveys in which consumers sometimes respond to prevent embarrassment or please the surveyor.

PersonaX buyer persona research reports are composed of entirely objective data that are real indicators of lifestyle, product, and brand choices. Their research analysts compile it and then create a profile of up to three buyer personas for your product or service.

It’s an incredible tool for marketers because the data can be compiled quickly and accurately. PersonaX guarantees customers will have their profiles within a week of obtaining the customer file. That’s a huge difference from traditional research that can sometimes take months to compile and analyze. By the time you get that kind of research, your buyer personas have likely already shifted a little. Or even a lot.

So, within a week, you know who your most profitable customers are, what they are interested in right at that moment, and how and why they are interacting with their peers.

PersonaX delivers critical data about your most profitable customers including household income, ethnicity, pain points, goals, influences, activities/hobbies, and more. The PersonaX report also tells you what web sites they go to most and the top five keywords you can use to reach them.

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We are partnering with Brand X Research to provide this new service to our readers. You can purchase the reports via credit card or select invoice processing on our services cart. As soon as you order, PersonaX researchers will be in touch within one business day to coordinate sending your customer data to them.

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