A Unified Customer Engagement Platform A Unified Customer Engagement Platform
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Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Yet, only a few companies can keep up with their evolving demands, leaving a huge window of opportunity for firms that are ready to invest in customer experience and improve their market share. 

Unsurprisingly, CX management has emerged as a top priority for business leaders who are putting away an increasing amount of resources to ace it. However, without the right technology, it isn’t possible to achieve the level of personalization and omnichannel experience that modern customers demand. According to an Adobe survey, companies with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement enjoy a 10% Y-O-Y growth, a 10% increase in average order value, and a 25% increase in close rates. 

Besides expecting the same level of services across multiple touchpoints, the way the customers want to be serviced is also changing, with 67% preferring self-service over speaking with company representatives. Overall, speed and convenience remain the cornerstones of efficient customer service. Companies that understand this prioritize technologies that foster these benefits over adopting technology only for the sake of being cutting-edge, reports PwC. Customer Engagement Platform Overview

Acquire provides a pay-as-you-go customer services automation platform that enables lightning-fast, efficient, and real-time customer communications, leading to happier employees and satisfied customers. Besides feature-rich integrations, the software provides a single source of truth for all customer interactions so that you can respond to queries from a single dashboard without ever losing track.

The customer service automation platform is purpose-built to drive communications across the customer lifecycle and enable an omnichannel experience without any complex IT infrastructure or hiring a large army of customer service personnel.

The Acquire platform is essentially an all-in-one customer engagement platform with capabilities like video calls, live chat, calls and SMS, emails, VoIP calls, cobrowse and screen share, and chatbots. That’s not all – the platform comes with integrated analytics to measure and analyze your customer data for deeper insights, more personalization, and automatically enriching customer profiles. There’s also a knowledge base functionality to organize your customer-facing resources into an easily accessible self-service database to help customers solve their queries, further reducing your customer service costs and boosting engagement.

The platform ensures cross-browser compatibility and offers 50+ integrations, which means Acquire can be used in conjunction with your existing IT resources like your sales, support, social, analytics, and SSO tools for seamless interactions and unified data view.

Acquire’s Features

Acquire equips enterprise teams with all the digital tools they need to curate exceptional customer experiences by streamlining customer conversations for sales, support, and onboarding. It provides your customer support agents with a set of scalable, no-download, and interactive tools to guide customers on the web and in-app in real-time. 

Your team gets a simple and intuitive user interface that gives them a unified view of who’s visiting, how long was a user waiting, and other details about users drawn from various integrated software and browsing history. The platform also keeps a full record of chat history and runs automatic reports with summary details post-chat to give team leads and supervisors full control over customer conversations. Some of the most loved features of the Acquire unified customer engagement platform include:

1. Live Chat

Live chat is known to increase customer engagement by ensuring real-time support, which also increases customer trust and loyalty, leading to return sales. 

Acquire Live Chat

Acquire live chat can be used seamlessly across multiple devices, browsers, and digital channels to ensure on-demand support for customers during working hours.

2. Chatbot

Modern, hyper-connected customers demand 24/7 attention, which can be made possible by deploying a chatbot on your digital frontiers. The Acquire platform lets you create a chatbot for your brand without any coding. Simply choose your bot’s purpose and build custom workflows to answer repetitive queries automatically, 24/7, without burdening your support staff.

Acquire Chat Bot

Acquire Bot

3. Cobrowsing

Whether it’s an immersive product demo or troubleshooting complicated problems, the Acquire platform allows you to view and interact with your customers’ browsers using visual cues with cobrowsing technology. The best part about the Acquire cobrowsing feature is that it requires no plug-in or download on either end and can be instantly launched in a click, making the process faster, hassle-free, and much more enjoyable.

Acquire Cobrowsing

4. Knowledge Base Software

The platform comes with an inbuilt knowledge base software to collect and organize customer-facing help center resources into an automatically expanding and easily accessible guide. Besides building your self-help resources, Acquire plugs-in this information into your live chat, capture requirements, and auto-suggest articles to enable automatic assistance for complex issues without the need of any live agents.

Acquire Knowledge Base

5. Shared Inbox

It is easy to get overwhelmed with multiple communication channels and lose track of customer interactions. However, the Acquire customer engagement platform solves this challenge by providing your agents with a unified mailbox that connects your email support with the rest of your support channels to create a single pane of glass view for all customer interactions. The result is less chaos and confusion – as your agents can view all customer engagement, including emails, in a single chronological timeline per customer, and respond to emails from the same dashboard as live chat, social media, VOIP, SMS, and more.

Acquire Shared Inbox

6. Video Chat

It is a fact that the majority of customers prefer human interactions, especially when dealing with complex issues or financial transactions. Acquire customer engagement platform includes a convenient video-chatting feature that lets you connect with your customers, face-to-face, via their preferred communication platform in just one click from the Acquire dashboard.

Acquire Video Calls

The best part about the video chat feature is that it requires no installation and allows both one-way and two-way video support, as well as video recordings. A mobile SDK means you can also customize your mobile app’s video experience with zero coding knowledge.

A Customer Success Story Enabled By Acquire Customer Support Platform During the Pandemic

The Dufresne Group, a Premier Canadian Home furnishing retailer, implemented Acquire video chat for furniture repairs to bring down their furniture repair costs and improve their customer engagement online. By leveraging Acquire video, the team turned the first home visit into a video inspection that cut down the number of home visits by half and also improved the service speed tremendously. Unfortunately, while the company was enjoying its success, the pandemic hit in 2020, posing a new challenge in the face of social distancing and almost nil in-store visitors for furniture sales.

The solution lay in a Eureka moment that led the team to deploy video chat for sales using the already familiar Acquire platform. The addition of live chat and a 24/7 bot further amplified marketing personalization and curated supported, leading to higher engagement and sales. By introducing video tours for furniture and implementing cobrowsing technology to replicate the in-store experience, the retailer could pivot the in-store model to online sales without any additional investment or training.

You can read the case study or fix a demo to see how Acquire can transform your business by automating your customer services with its plug and play platform.

Read the Acquire Case Study Book an Acquire Demo

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