Secure File Transfer Protocol

A network protocol that’s used to transfer files between computers securely. It is a secure alternative to FTP, an older and less secure protocol for transferring files. SFTP uses a secure encrypted connection to transfer files, which makes it more secure than FTP. It also supports authentication, which means only authorized users can access the transferred files.

SFTP is often used to transfer sensitive data, such as financial or personal information, as it provides a higher level of security than FTP. It is also commonly used to transfer large files, as it supports file compression and resume capability, which allows you to resume a transfer if it is interrupted.

SFTP is widely used by businesses and organizations to securely transfer files between computers, servers, and other devices. It is supported by many operating systems and often uses other protocols, such as SSH and SCP, to provide secure remote access and file transfer capabilities.

  • Abbreviation: SFTP