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Test Automation from Applause is a full service offering that ensures your mobile and web apps are behaving consistently from one build to the next. I often tell people that if you design or develop anything and ask for feedback, you’re really going to get unnecessary feedback that’s not qualitative nor quantitative. Asking someone for feedback is a lot like asking, “Can you find anything wrong with this?” and the user testing goes from common usage to just looking for fault.

Getting a platform where you can test your application quantitatively to obtain quality feedback will ensure you’re moving your platform in the right direction, improve adoption, and ultimately reduce marketing and development costs. Applause has a great ebook, 5 Ways to Win with Mobile Automation that details the limitations and best practices of mobile app testing automation – be sure to download it.

Mobile App Test Automation from Applause

Applause test automation includes:

  • Applause Automation Framework – built by expert automation engineers and is based on industry-leading languages and tools. Honed over years of experience, the framework gets your app tests up and running quickly and keeps them running on any combination of Web, iOS, and Android.
  • Applause global testing community – expert automation engineers with years of experience working for the world’s largest companies. Automation customers are assigned a team dedicated to ensuring your success who manage the framework, devices, and integration, write test cases and scripts, and oversee each test run. Sit back and relax while we monitor your app’s health.
  • Automation Dashboard – instant insight into the health of your app’s current and past builds. How many bugs did we uncover, what percentage of our tests passed, are we improving or getting worse? Open up the dashboard and find out.

Applause Testing Dashboard

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    When it comes to mobile app marketing, automation is key. You can’t expect people to engage with you via mobile device if you’re not sending out qualified and personalized information. I definitely think we will see more of automation testing in the near future, this is great!

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