How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Businesses

Artificial Intelligence is shining brightly in the software industry with its capabilities. Companies are capitalizing on artificial intelligence as it continues to scale and evolve. Over the past few years, we have heard a lot of success stories regarding artificial intelligence. Right from the Amazon operational efficiencies to GE keeping its equipment running, artificial intelligence has been excelling.  In today’s world, not only large corporations but also small-scale industries are also emerging in number. Artificial

How Blockchain Will Fuel Transformation in The E-Commerce Industry

Like how the e-commerce revolution hit the shopping shores, be ready for another change in the form of blockchain technology. Whatever the challenges in the e-commerce industry, the blockchain promises to address quite a lot of them and make business easier for the seller as well as the buyer. To know how blockchain will have a positive benefit to the e-commerce industry, first, you need to know about the advantages of blockchain technology and the