The Marketer’s Guide to Becoming a Trust Flow™ Pro

The last two years have brought many changes to marketing. We’ve seen major moves toward mobile, a new drive for dynamic content and a marriage between social and commerce. But one of the most seismic evolutions has been in the SEO space. In 2013, John Mueller announced that Google would no longer be updating PageRank (Toolbar PageRank), its system for ranking Web pages based on value. And it hasn’t. Instead, we have a new sheriff

Stop Building Crappy Software – Integrated Software Still Wins

Here is something internal CIO’s and your internal tech teams don’t want you to know, the 18-month software implementation that just cost you $500K – $1MM could be done a hell of lot cheaper…and should be.  They are building job security because most C-level leaders and marketers don’t understand how technology can and should work. As marketers we all want the software equivalent of a unicorn. The one that does lead generation, content creation, lead scoring,

The Problem With “No Comment”

No Comment has been the protective blanket that companies and individuals have used as shields whenever bad news or public scrutiny arises. In the old world where media took press releases as gospel and where companies were able to control the message No Comment worked to buy the company some time. Today, No Comment doesn’t work. Ask Tiger Woods. Online social media tools allow everyone to comment. It means that if you or your business

You’re Not Sexy, Now What?

We once had someone tell us that we, or rather our form building application, wasn’t “sexy”. In some respects I guess that person was right. Forms, by themselves are not sexy, but to the people who use them and depend on them to gather data, they are, if not sexy, pretty damn important. So how do you, a business owner, marketer, etc, that has a product or service that isn’t “sexy” make it “sexy”? Here

Dick’s Sporting Goods Driving Social Media with Email

Last week I found a great example of a really unobtrusive way to use email marketing as a way to drive traffic to social media. The email came from Dick’s Sporting Goods. It was a simple, well-designed email that had a very simple call to action: Follow us on Twitter and receive an exclusive discount code: Why it’s good Dick’s did a good job of using a traditional tool, email marketing, to drive traffic to