Zara Ziad

Zara Ziad is a product marketing analyst at Data Ladder with a background in IT. She is passionate about designing a creative content strategy that highlights real-world data hygiene issues faced by many organizations today. She produces content to communicate solutions, tips, and practices that can help businesses to implement and achieve inherent data quality in their business intelligence processes. She strives to create content that is targeted towards a wide array of audiences, ranging from technical personnel to end-user, as well as marketing it across various digital platforms.
  • CRM and Data PlatformsData Standardization

    Data Standardization: Define, Test, and Transform

    While organizations shift towards establishing a data culture across the enterprise, many are still struggling to get their data right. Pulling data from disparate sources and getting varying formats and representations of what is supposed to be the same information – causes serious roadblocks in your data journey. Teams experience delays and mistakes while carrying out their routine operations or…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsWhat is a Merge Purge and How to Perform One

    How To Merge Purge Large Databases

    An average enterprise uses 464 custom applications to digitize its business processes. But when it comes to generating useful insights, the data residing at disparate sources must be combined and merged together. Depending on the number of sources involved and the structure of data stored in these databases, this can be quite a complex task. For this reason, it is…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsData Cleansing: How to Cleanse Your Data

    Why Data Cleansing Is Critical and How You Can Implement Data Cleanliness Processes and Solutions

    Poor data quality is a rising concern for many business leaders as they fail to meet their targeted goals. The team of data analysts – that is supposed to produce reliable data insights – spend 80% of their time cleaning and preparing data, and only 20% of the time is left to do the actual analysis. This has a huge…

  • CRM and Data PlatformsWhat is Entity Resolution in Marketing Data

    How Entity Resolution Adds Value To Your Marketing Processes

    A large number of B2B marketers – almost 27% – admit that insufficient data has cost them 10%, or in some cases, even more in annual revenue losses. This clearly highlights a significant issue faced by most marketers today, and that is: poor data quality. Incomplete, missing, or poor-quality data can have huge impact on the success of your marketing…

  • Analytics & TestingDataladder: The Power of Leveraging Data

    The Power of Data: How Leading Organizations Leverage Data As A Competitive Advantage

    Data is the current and future source of competitive advantage.Borja Gonzáles del Regueral – Vice Dean, IE University’s School of Human Sciences and Technology Business leaders completely understand the importance of data as a fundamental asset for their business growth. Although many have realized its significance, most of them still struggle to understand how it can be utilized to derive…

  • Artificial IntelligenceData Deduplication Best Practices for CRM

    Deduplication: Best Practices For Avoiding Or Correcting Duplicate Customer Data

    Duplicate data does not only reduce the accuracy of business insights, but it compromises the quality your customer experience as well. Although the consequences of duplicate data are faced by everyone – IT managers, business users, data analysts – it has the worst impact on a company’s marketing operations. As marketers represent the company’s product and service offerings in the…


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