The Blogging Triangle: 3 Elements of Success

The Blogging Triangle

I've been working on my presentation on Corporate Blogging this week. The book discussion today regarding Digital Aboriginal really sparked both my enthusiasm and my thoughts on what my theme should be. Though I'm going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Corporate Blogging, my expectation will be that most people there will want to blog. I don't want to talk them out of it by any means, so I'd like to spark their enthusiasm. I present The Blogging Triangle: 3 Elements of Successful Blogging.

Though the technology is the medium, as time goes by blogging platforms are becoming standardized with the underlying technology. I think the elements of a successful blog are as follows:

  1. Content – this is the base that your blog is built off of. Consistent, transparent, open and thoughtful discussions of topics that you wish to cover.
  2. Passion – I believe passion is contagious. If you aren't passionate on your blog, or in writing your material, your readers will see through you and leave… quickly.
  3. Momentum – a blog doesn't grow with one entry. It requires momentum to meet and exceed your readers' expectations and to attract new readers.

The flame symbol is representative of the flame that your content, passion and momentum will spark! [Update] The flame is representative of the discussion that starts with your readers through comments and trackbacks – creating a relationship with your readers and spreading your word.

More to come on this… I would love to hear your thoughts on The Blogging Triangle. Feel free to use the image and discuss with your readers as well. I look forward to your feedback!

And I did the Illustration all by myself with Illustrator! The bittbox tips are paying off!


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      Hi Steven! Most definitely – design plays a big role. I’ve written about that a bit on the blog but I’m honestly not as much of an expert in that area as a site such as Healthy Web Design.

      I should have written a bit more about the audience… in this case these are high-level managers and independent professionals in the region who may be contemplating a corporate blog.

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    I think with content you have to have knowledge of the topic and resources to get inspiration from. If you’re going to keep up the necessary consistency, you have to always have ideas, which is not easy.

    I keep a list of posts I don’t need to make immediately for those times when I just can’t come up with anything. It really helps keep things moving, even if I don’t prewrite the post itself. Just having a topic to write about helps.

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    So a blogger’s aim is strike a balance point right in the middle of the triangle, I assume that’s why you’ve drawn those elements in a triangle right?

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      Hi Al,

      Yes that really is it… focusing on the three areas is what pushes success on your blog. One of the key elements I’m trying to get through to folks is that writing a blog is not 2-dimensional. Getting the content and the passion isn’t enough – there’s a timeline that follows that you’ll need to build momentum on.

      Thanks for this feedback (to everyone). Your perspective is helping!

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    I think that content is the most important element. Every minute detail you present to the people will reflect to what you are capable of doing. Choosing the right topic at the right time might prove to be useful.

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    I love Google Ad-words. On your thought-through triangle, it suggests:

    Paris Hilton > Pics, Wallpaper, Video Gossip, Blogs, Fanfare

    Interesting… (i.e.: lol)

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