Call-To-Action Testing Results with Hubspot

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It’s always amazing to see how subtle differences in a call to action can have a very large impact on click-through rates and conversions. One of the areas of Hubspot that I don’t think many people fully leverage is their Call-To-Action section.

You’ll notice a single call to action on Martech down in the footer on the left column. We tested three versions of the identical call-to-action. The messaging was exactly the same, but we varied the color. One was a black background that highly contrasted the page and the other were almost identical – just varying the button color.

Hubspot Call-To-Action Testing

The results are interesting – the CTA with the green button outperforms the other CTAs by almost double! The green button version resulted in less clicks, but a much higher conversion rate.

This is a small test where we only varied the colors… we’ll continue to optimize the CTA with different versions in more colors and varying the test to really optimize the results. We also recognize the fact that the overall click rate is very low, too… we’ve got some work to do on whee we present this CTA. It’s in a tough spot and not always relevant to the content around it.

Hubspot makes it simple to test. You can add as many versions of your call-to-action to their interface and then just embed the script they provide in your site. Hubspot also provides ways to target specific visitors with calls-to-action… but that’s for another post!

Note: Highbridge is a certified Hubspot Agency.


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      Yes, sure are. We’ve implemented Hubspot, Pardot, ActOn, Marketo and Eloqua with our clients @chrisbaggott:disqus :). Of course, Indiana companies don’t know that because they hire agencies from other states, lol.

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