Complete™: Cross-Border Commerce from Translation, Shopping, through Fulfillment


Tony Bianco’s designs have been highly sought after in Australia for over forty years, and now the brand has catapulted into the world’s most influential fashion magazines and best-dressed lists by Australian models. Today, many top celebrities and models in the U.S. and throughout Europe can be seen wearing a variety of Tony Bianco shoes and accessories.

To help accelerate their international expansion and cross-border demand, Tony Bianco is working with Pitney Bowes to provide a seamless, localized online shopping experience to customers around the world with the Pitney Bowes Complete™ Cross-Border solution.

Now Tony Bianco can reach shoe lovers around the world and allow them to pay in local currency with fully landed costs that are guaranteed—so no surprises upon delivery. Global shoppers get the shoes that help them stand out and Tony Bianco’s fantastic brand becomes better known around the world.

A global footprint is essential for us. We have demand across the world and need to get our shoes and accessories to a diverse group of markets. By partnering with Pitney Bowes, we can sell to shoppers in more than 150 countries and territories and their end-to-end technology offers a seamless localized experience to our customers. Adam Bianco, Director, Tony Bianco

Pitney Bowes’ cross-border solutions are available as part of the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud, a commerce enabler, providing access to solutions, analytics and APIs across the full commerce continuum with speed and agility.

Complete Cross-Border capabilities include

  • Demand Generation Tools – Pitney Bows can provide everything from consumer research to localized marketing campaigns, allowing your business to tap into their growing database of cross-border shoppers and participate in their marketing programs that utilize in-country channels like social, search and partnerships to drive incremental sales and brand exposure.
  • Website Localization – Cross-Border's proprietary technology localizes your domestic site in 220 countries for consumer conversion optimization. Translation, currency and country-specific promotions and product pricing are included. There’s no need to incur incremental costs to build and maintain in-country sites or invest in infrastructure for inventory management.
  • Landed Costs & Compliance – By selecting Pitney Bowes' Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) option, you’ll provide cost clarity to your customers by presenting guaranteed duties and taxes before check-out with no COD surprises upon delivery. Pitney Bowes rates and calculates your product catalog, restricting where applicable, while handling all compliance-related functions.
  • Payments & Risk – Pitney Bowes offers a selection of global and in-market payment options, and serve as the exporter of record and principal party in interest. And as the Merchant of Record (MOR) they handle all payment processing and fraud management, insulating their clients from bad debt and chargebacks.
  • Logistics Management – After your parcels are prepared for international delivery at one of Pitney Bowes' domestic processing hubs, they are handed off to best-in-class carriers within their global network.  They help eliminate consumer concerns around complexity and costs associated with returns by managing and verifying returned goods at key shipping hubs around the world. They also offer parcel protection and provide tools for easy package tracking.
  • Customer Care – Empower your customer service representatives to provide the highest level of support with Pitney Bowes' Consulate tool, a robust, web-based customer service application to answer order-related and tracking questions from your international customers. Their 24/7 call centers cover 15 languages are available to help more difficult issues when they arise.
  • Ongoing Support – Pitney Bowes' dedicated client engagement team is at-the-ready to provide the support you need for business performance, reporting, promotion development, and analysis, consumer inquiries, returns management and more. With a growing client list of over 300 retailers, Pitney Bowes has the experience and expertise you need to successfully go global.

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