7 Tips for Effective Digital Coupon Marketing

Good friend Adam Small has a mobile text marketing platform that sees incredible redemption rates on SMS text offers. One technique he told me about that a client that offered a bring a friend offer where you received a free shake when you brought a friend to the establishment. They would send the text out a half hour before lunch and there’d be a line out the door. It’s a great concept because you’re not just targeting a person that jumps on the discount, you’re getting a new patron who gets to try out your food!

Colourfast, a leading card printer in Canada, has developed an infographic called Digital Coupons are Driving Mobile and Omni-Channel Sales that walks through usage and statistics associated with digital coupon marketing strategies. The infographic provides these 7 Tips for Effective Digital Coupon Marketing:

  1. Integrate with Email – Ensure digital coupons integrate with your customers’ email. Capturing an email address provides you the opportunity to regularly update them on specials and discounts as well!
  2. Include Visual Appeal – Include your logo or photos of the products with bold, vibrant colors and fonts that will intrigue consumers.
  3. Target Consumers – With geo-targeting, businesses are able to take advantage of consumer location to deliver coupons when they’re nearby!
  4. Partner with a Distributor – Coupon services have massive distribution opportunities to extend your reach.
  5. Use Text Messaging – Create a program for customers that makes them feel as though they’re part of a special club and provide them unique offers.
  6. Encourage Sharing – Incorporate social media buttons to allow for one-click sharing across social media platforms.
  7. Measure Results – As each promotion reaches its expiration date, see what works and what didn’t and optimize your next campaign.

Digital Coupon Marketing Tips

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