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What is DMARC? How Does DMARC Battle Email Phishing?

If you’re in the email marketing industry, you may have heard about DMARC. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. For additional information, I’d highly recommend the Agari site and their DMARC documentation and resources page on the topic.

According to the experts at 250ok, our email sponsor, here are the benefits of DMARC:

  • Standardizes the operation and interpretation of the well-known and widely-deployed email authentication protocols SPF and DKIM.
  • Assists you in implementation and deployment of SPF and DKIM across all your mail streams without fear of impacting deliverability.
  • Instructs ISPs and private domains in protecting users from senders making unauthorized and fraudulent use of your brand and content.
  • Causes receivers worldwide to generate industry-standard (but private and for your-eyes-only!) reports about the mail they receive from you.

250ok has added a DMARC Dashboard to their Reputation Informant, an easy-to-use tool designed to help you validate your SPF and DKIM records as well as assist you make a smooth transition to DMARC.

We sponsored and developed this infographic to assist email marketers to better understand both the problem as well as the value in adopting the DMARC specification. Special thanks to the entire DMARC team who helped educate us and provide the data utilized in the infographic!

What is DMARC

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