Are You an Elephant or a Butterfly?

helpindyonline.pngOn Monday I met with Roger Williams, President of the Emergent Leadership Institute. Meeting with a non-profit is always inspiring… Roger has changed the region by building out Help Indy Online – a program that gets young people involved in serving the community. His online system and use of social media has been incredible. As well, the ROI on his program is exponential.

Roger shared an analogy that I love, he asked “Are you an Elephant or a Butterfly?”

Both elephants and butterflies are memorable but they have distinct differences.

  • An elephant isn't always recognized as being beautiful. An elephant is a bit clumsy, gets dirty has it marches through the mud, leaves a trail and leaves its mark where ever it sits. Elephants are able to do the heavy lifting and move organizations forward.
  • Butterflies are beautiful. They're carried with the wind, don't leave a mark, and fly beautifully from place to place. If they land in the mud, they don't even get dirty.

As a consultant, my job is to change the companies that I work with for the better. I can't be a butterfly, I must be an elephant. If I don't get results for my clients, I'm not going to be successful and will ultimately lose business. If my customers don't listen to me, I can't flutter on to the next client… I must get down in the dirt and make my mark.

I've always been an elephant [insert overweight joke here…], sometimes to a fault. However, I'm comfortable with who I am and recognize the differences I've made with the organizations I've worked for. I like being an elephant. So what are you?

Are you an elephant or a butterfly?

What do you think?

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