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No Hype Guide to Content Creation

The folks at Spundge wrote a blog post, 9 Steps to Creating Engaging Content, with a “no-hype, buzzword free” infographic that I really like.

Creating quality content is the cornerstone of a robust content strategy, and helping you to master this skill is part of Spundge’s mission. A great way to produce content is by recycling articles, infographics and other assets into more attractive and compelling items. This also gives you a chance to keep your content up-to-date and aligned with your brand’s identity. Consult this infographic and start creating great content by following its 9 simple steps that will help you and your business connect with audience. Reinaldo Calcaño, Spundge.

The process perfectly matches how I write content here on MarTech! Think about what you know, find good sources, read, save things, hold an editorial meeting, give yourself deadlines, write, get edited and repeat. The only additional tip I’d add is ask for help! We often reach out to experts to supply us with research, quotes, screenshots or additional information.


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    And as we all know, content is the king 🙂 Really nice infographic. They also have an awesome feature to bring traffic to website, I’ve lately set up my account on ColibriTool to measure the traffic and conversions from “traditional” posts and from infographic. One conclusion – people are visuals! 🙂