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Infographic: 7 Email Marketing Emerging Trends In 2022

While email technology hasn’t had much innovation with regard to design and deliverability, email marketing strategies are evolving with how we garner our subscriber’s attention, provide them value, and drive them to do business with us.

Email Marketing Emerging Trends

The analysis and data were produced by Omnisend and they include:

  1. User-Generated Content (UGC) – While brands love to polish their content, it doesn’t always resonate with their target audience. Including testimonials, reviews, or shared social media posts with your subscribers provides a great level of authenticity.
  2. Hyper-Segmentation and Personalization – The old batch and blast style of sending newsletters has dominated email marketing for decades, but subscribers are getting exhausted with messages that simply don’t resonate with them. Deploying automated journeys that are highly personalized and segmented is driving far better engagement now.
  3. Omnichannel Communication – Our inboxes are packed… so brands are adding messaging that’s targeted via mobile notifications, text messages, and even dynamic ad placement to move prospects through their perspective customer journeys.
  4. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality – The vast majority of email engagement is happening on mobile devices nowadays. That offers the opportunity to push subscribers to seamlessly click through to advanced mobile technology that includes augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).
  5. Interactivity – Digital experiences are being adopted by brands because they are a more fluid and natural experience that helps visitors self-direct and personalize their user experience. Email is a natural starting point for these experiences, launching the first question that captures a response and segments the next step in the experience.
  6. Mobile Optimization – Too many brands are still designing email for the desktop – missing opportunities for the small screen and the ability to easily read and interact with emails. Taking additional time to insert mobile-only sections of your email optimized for mobile email platforms is critical to driving engagement.
  7. Importance of Data Privacy – Apple dropped their iOS 15 Mail App that ends email marketing platforms from capturing an email open event via a tracking pixel. With cookie tracking fading, marketers must use much better campaign tracking on URLs to assist subscribers without violating regulations or overreaching privacy concerns.

Here’s the full infographic designed by the team at Red Website Design developed this fantastic infographic based on the Omnisend data: 7 Email Marketing Trends All Busines Owners & Marketers Should Know in 2022.

7 Email Marketing Trends All Business Owners Marketers Should Know in 2022 768x8833 1

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Omnisend and I’m using my affiliate link in this article.

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