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I had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder and team at FATWIN yesterday as they launched their beta at the M-Tech conference in Indianapolis. Scott is the co-founder and executive chairman of CIK Enterprises, a measured marketing software and services company that's been helping companies for a decade now. CIK launched FATWIN ™, a marketing technology platform which helps businesses drive web and in-store traffic through gaming, contests and prize redemption.

In today’s marketing landscape, businesses face the challenge of executing and justifying incentivized promotions. With FATWIN, we quickly deploy quality games and contests that increase measurable foot traffic or online traffic and ultimately, conversions. Scott Hill, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman for CIK Enterprises.

CIK has been helping businesses drive leads through traditional and online media for over a decade and they've identified a few major problems that FATWINFATWIN puts to rest:

  1. Trust – Only 9% of visitors trust that contests are valid and the prizes are truly given away. FATWIN's transparent online integration and social integration fix this. All winners are posted publicly in real time at the retail outlet – via kiosk, and on the microsite for the contest.
  2. Online and Offline – there are plenty of print and direct mail contests. And there are plenty of online contests. However, there hasn't been a platform that combines both to drive both online and offline traffic to retailers and businesses. FATWIN's kiosk integration at the outlet, print services, and microsite marry and drive both.
  3. Incentive – companies often don't have the resources for prizes attractive enough to incentivize prospects to respond. CIK pools prizes so that they're incredibly attractive. There are even progressive jackpots with the service (currently almost $40,000). To date, the service has given away over $3.7 million – check the FATWIN website for a live ticker.
  4. Expertise – While FATWIN is a product, it comes with a team of professionals who know how to run contests that drive leads for your business. FATWIN handles all the legal and regulatory aspects of the contest… you help integrate the lead questions so you can qualify the leads and get the results!

FATWIN entices consumers to save money, win prizes and be entertained with high-quality, business-branded games that offer incentivized promotions online and in stores. Businesses are able to use the platform to acquire new customers, generate leads, and track immediate results through the FATWIN analytical dashboard interface.

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