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If you’ve gone down the road of writing and publishing an ebook, you know messing with ePub file types, conversions, design and distribution is not for the faint of heart. There’s quite a number of ebook solutions out there that will help you through the process and get your ebook onto Google Play Books, the Kindle and other devices.

Ebooks are a fantastic way for companies to position their authority in their space and a great way to capture prospect information via landing pages. Ebooks provide more in-depth information than a simple whitepaper or the the overview of an infographic. Writing an ebook also opens an entirely new audience through the eBook distribution channels of Google, Amazon and Apple. There are a ton of decision makers out there searching for topics with regard to your industry and reading the associated ebooks. Are your competitors already there?

Using Google Docs, you can now write, design, and publish from virtually any text file or document directly uploaded in your Google Drive. Oh – and it’s free!

Google Docs EPUB

Here’s the 2-step process to publish your Ebook

  1. Write your Text – Import any text-based document can be converted into Google Docs. Feel free to write your book in Google Docs directly, import or sync Microsoft Word documents or use any other source Google Drive is able to process.
  2. Expore as EPUB – Google Docs now offers EPUB as a native export file format. Just select File > Download As, then EPUB Publication (.epub) and you’re ready to go!

EPUB is the most broadly supported file format for ebooks, but not supported by everyone… including Amazon Kindles. However, there are plenty of free EPUB converters online you can use. You can publish your EPUB directly to Apple iBooks Store.

For a complete guide on creating an Ebook, be sure to check out’s guide:

Create an Ebook: The Complete Guide


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