Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Metrics

pinterest metrics for tracking

We get quite a nice stream of traffic from Pinterest. It’s fairly consistent as long as our posting on Pinterest is consistent. It also helped when we installed the Pinterest Pin It Button For Images – you’ll see it if you mouseover the image below. Quite a few more people are sharing our infographics.

Our Marketing Infographics board almost has 1,000 followers and we honestly do very little outside of posting our infographics there! The metrics we tend to focus on are all directly attributable to how many visitors we get to our site from Pinterest and how well they convert or engage with our sponsors.

Businesses are successfully using Pinterest – just check out our clients, Angie’s List, and their boards. They do an incredible job at maintaining a couple dozen boards with incredible content. If you’re using Pinterest for your online marketing efforts, there are quite a few metrics to keep aware of. Socially Stacked put together this infographic with an exhaustive list of Pinterest metrics you can monitor and how well your efforts are performing.


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