Why You Should Send Cards this Holiday

christmas cards

Our sponsors at Zoomerang released a holiday survey and found 63% of the 1,000 respondents will send holiday cards for the 2011 holiday season. In an age where text, twitter, and Facebook updates are the main form for daily personal updates, the holiday card remains the gold standard for the period in the year where people aim to keep traditions alive.

To use a simple analogy: social media messages are to holiday cards as holiday cards are to in-person/face-to-face interactions, drawing upon the sense that the holidays are less about keeping in contact, but more about keeping in touch with our loved ones.

  • 33 percent receive 10 or fewer holiday cards each year
  • 35 percent receive between 11-25 holiday cards each year
  • 50 percent plan to spend less than $25 on their cards in 2011
  • 60 percent choose Merry Christmas as their greeting message
  • 74 percent do not plan on sending electronic holiday cards this year
  • 78 percent buy holiday cards in store, 7 percent exclusively online and 15 percent use a combination of the two

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One of the first things that Jenn did when she arrived at DK New Media was to design cards to send our clients and partners. I honestly hadn't thought of it before… I was too busy and email was too easy. That's what's so cool about sending cards, though, isn't it?

Question: If one-third of your customers receive 10 holiday cards or less this season, what will they think of your company when you take the time to write a hand-written note thanking them for their patronage?

We just received a holiday package from our friends at Dittoe PR that was totally customized, packaged, and ingeniously documented just for us. A gift that cool really took some time to design and it means a lot to our company that they did that. It's making me step up my game… I put Jenn in charge of it. 🙂

What do you think?

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