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How to Create a Successful Local Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing continues to be among the most effective marketing strategies today, especially with its 2.2 billion active users. Just that opens up a vast well of opportunities that businesses can tap. 

One of the most rewarding albeit challenging way to make use of Facebook is to go for a local marketing strategy. Localization is a strategy that can deliver great results when implemented well.

The following are nine ways on how you can localize your Facebook marketing strategy:

Share Reviews

A useful tactic that many businesses are doing is sharing on Facebook positive feedback that they earn from review sites like Google+ and Yelp. These sites are seen as great localization tools as they aim to drive users to local businesses. 

Aside from just tapping into these sites, sharing feedback you get from these sites allow you to improve on social trust, which is very important for businesses nowadays.

According to a Facebook Advertising Company in New York, “if your business doesn’t have earned reviews yet, then come up with campaigns that can help you do so.” Incentivize feedback by giving away some freebies to many customers who would share their reviews. Better yet, launch a contest where you will reward the best reviews you can get.  

Create an Event

If you are coming up with an event for your business such as a sale, or perhaps a celebration where you will invite a band to perform, it is best if you make create an event through Facebook to not only gather an audience and potential customers but to also improve your business’ online presence.

What’s great about events is that it is easy to create. The network of users who interact with your Facebook event will also be notified that they would be participating in your event so this would help spread the word of your activity and your business.

To further boost localization through a Facebook event, make sure that you include a map and directions to your business.

Use Groups

Facebook Groups are communities that you can build within Facebook for various purposes. As a business, it is a great way to create a community so you can capture a relatively stable audience for your marketing campaigns. Facebook groups are best kept as a community of users that are within your locality, so it is an excellent localization tactic.

Share Local Content

A great strategy to execute is coming up with local content. Doing so helps you effectively tap an audience that can easily engage your business because they are just nearby. 

Some great local content ideas include your city’s history, local events and holidays, culture, or some unique talking points about your locality.

Local content tends to be more engaging for readers, so it is really a good idea to localize it and to regularly do so.

Mention Local Businesses, Events, and Groups

Another helpful tactic involves maximizing relationships with other local businesses, events, and groups. 

By mentioning them other local businesses in posts, and by having them say you in their posts, you can mutually tap into each other’s network, allowing you both to expand your own. It is always best for you to build partnerships not only for the sake of achieving its localization potential, but also to reap the benefits of forming sound business relationships.

It is also a good idea to take the opportunity to latch on an upcoming local event. You have the chance to tap the event’s eager audience. Coming up with offerings that can be associated with the event is an excellent way to tap the people who will be in the event.

Tag Locations and Events

It is also a good idea to practice tagging locations so that you may be able to tap people in that place. And by this, it means that you should check in on where your team goes to for official business, for company trips, and various activities.

The same goes for events. By tagging them, you will be able to tap people who are engaged with these events.

Doing this helps keep your business visible on some different localities that have the potential to do business with you in the future. 

Run a Contest

Contests would always be seen as an effective tactic because people would always want to earn rewards. There is a positive perception to the chance to get something for free.

While there are many kinds of contests that you can hold such as those that involve sharing photos, sharing reviews, or just liking or commenting on a post, it is excellent if a touch of localization can be added to it such as tagging your business and your location.

Also, make sure that you can offer something very rewarding for the prize as a lot of interest for the contest is tied up with the value of the reward.

Encourage Foot Traffic

You can also launch campaigns that aim to invite people to come into your business, and not just engage with you online. You can offer promotions on Facebook that they can then use on-site such as discounts and freebies. Doing this encourages them to come to your instead of going somewhere where they will have to do business paying more for the same products or services.

On-Site Promotion of your Facebook Page

Finally, you should also do a local promotion of your Facebook page so that you can increase your audience. Doing so helps you build on the audience for your Facebook marketing campaigns, whether geared for local or not.

Where possible, you can incentivize this by rewarding those who connect with your Facebook page, an act that can help invite more people to follow you online. May it be a promotional offer or a gift, earning something just by following a business online is something that your local customers would be happy about.

Craft an effective Local Facebook Marketing Strategy today

It is indeed true that localization is a strategy that can boost Facebook marketing. With the nine tips listed above, you will be able to help effectively localize your Facebook marketing strategy so that you may be able to enjoy all its benefits.

Kevin Urrutia

Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Facebook Advertising Company in New York. He helps businesses maximize the benefits of Facebook Advertising, leading to a dramatic improvement in sales while pushing down costs. Voy Media thoroughly studies each client and comes up with tailor-fit solutions to bring about the best results.

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