Hotjar: Heatmaps, Funnels, Recordings, Analytics and Feedback

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Hotjar provides a complete set of tools for measuring, recording, monitoring and collecting feedback through your website in one affordable package. Quite different from other solutions, Hotjar offers plans with simple affordable plans where organizations can generate insights on an unlimited number of websites – and make these available to an unlimited number of users.

Hotjar Analytics Tests Include

  • Heatmaps – providing a visual representation of your users' clicks, taps and scrolling behavior.

Heatmap Analysis

  • Visitor Recordings – record visitor behaviour on your site. By seeing your visitor's clicks, taps, mouse movements you can identify usability issues on the fly.

Visitor Recordings

  • Conversion Funnels – identify on which page and at which step most visitors are abandoning their engagement with your brand.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

  • Form Analytics – Improve online form completion rates by discovering which fields take too long to fill, which are left blank, and why your visitors abandon your form and page.

Web Form Analytics

  • Feedback Polls – Improve your website experience by asking visitors what they want and what's preventing them from achieving it. Target questions to specific visitors anywhere on your web and mobile site.

Polling Platform

  • Surveys – Build your own responsive surveys using an easy editor. Collect responses in real-time from any device. Distribute your surveys using web links, emails or invite your visitors just before they abandon your site to uncover their objections or concerns.

User Surveys

  • Recruit User Testers – Recruit participants for user research and testing directly from your site. Collect profiling information, contact details and offer a gift in exchange for their help.


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Hotjar recommends this 9-step process for improving your customer experience and conversions.

  • Set up a Heatmap on high traffic and high bounce landing pages.
  • Discover ‘Drivers' with Feedback Polls on high traffic landing pages.
  • Survey your existing users / customers via email.
  • Set up a Funnel to identify your site's biggest Barriers.
  • Set up Feedback Polls on Barrier pages.
  • Set up Heatmaps on Barrier pages.
  • Use Visitor Playback to replay sessions where Visitors are exiting on Barrier pages.
  • Recruit User Testers to reveal Drivers and observe Barriers.
  • Reveal ‘Hooks' with a Feedback Poll on your success pages.

Web Visitor Analysis

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