How Colors and Fonts Impact Consumer Behavior

How Color and Fonts Impact Consumer Behavior

While most marketers intuitively understand that fonts and colors are important to good design, many don’t get how powerful they truly are, often basing their opinions on grand claims instead of solid data. So, what does the reliable science say? Research on consumers’ first reactions to new products has found:

  • 62%–90% of a person’s initial assessment of a product is based on color alone  Tweet This!
  • People have a positive reaction to good and easy-to-read typography similar to watching a humorous video  Tweet This!

The team at MDG Advertising sifted through the latest research to uncover the key things marketers need to know about the huge impact that color and typography have on attracting and engaging consumers.

Ultimately, the learnings from typography research are similar to the learnings from color research: there are some general guidelines—such as making readability a priority—but a lot of the gains come from understanding your particular audiences and your brand positioning.

Their new infographic, Design Matters: What Marketers Need to Know About Color and Typography visually explains:

  • Tying colors to universal reactions
  • What good typography entails
  • The importance of spacing
  • How brands can use color to spark emotion from consumers

How Color and Fonts Impact Consumer Behavior

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