Who’s Twittering You?

In a previous post, I wrote how to use a combination of Google Alerts and a site search of Twitter to alert you when your name, company, or product comes up in twitversations.

I'm not sure how it escaped me at the time, but I hadn't taken a deeper look at Twitter's own search functionality. Twitter has quite a robust internal search engine:
twitter search

As well, you can set up a feed based off of your search results – very helpful if you're a marketer and wish to keep tabs and respond to questions and queries regarding your products, services, or even your employees!


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    Also, make sure to select “Any Language” in the dropdown list. Often times Twitter will categorize Tweets as “non-English” even though they are clearly written in English. Selecing “Any Language” allows to catch all relevent Tweets. Hope this helps!

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