7 Tactics to Increase Your Holiday Shopping Sales

holiday shopping trends

We provided a ton of information earlier today on Holiday Sales and the associated dates, predictions and statistics, now we want to share an infographic on how you can take advantage of those trends to increase you online conversions during the holiday season.

It’s that time of year again! The holiday shopping frenzy is about to begin. ShortStack rounded up a bunch of statistics (25!) about shopping trends, plus added a few ideas for Campaigns that will help you connect with more of your fans and followers over the next few weeks.

  1. There’s still plenty of time to get gifts to the doorstep so now is the time to offer a campaign with free shipping!
  2. Want to save the cost of the shipping? How about offering a discount to customers who want to pick up their purchase at your store?
  3. Offer a promotion via social media that entices your community to subscribe via email so you can push offers throughout the season.
  4. Now that you have those emails, schedule out an offer a day throughout the holiday season.
  5. Take advantage of showroomers and provide a mobile-only offering to keep the purchase within your store!
  6. Speaking of mobile, be sure to deploy mobile-ready coupons. Texting clubs are still a great way to push discounts to your customers, start one and offer some coupons throughout the holidays.
  7. Take advantage of the shopping season and start a long-term sweepstakes for your email subscribers so they stay subscribed and active on the offer emails you’re sending out.