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The Insane Amount of Mobile Data You Consume While Traveling

Who needs a postcard when you can create your own (for free) on Facebook and Instagram? Travel has definitely evolved and smartphones have become one of the most essential travel accessories today. Last year alone, mobile data traffic soared, reaching 12 times the size of the whole global Internet in 2000.

Eighty-eight percent of leisure travelers choose their smartphones as the number one must-have device while on vacation and 59% of business travelers think they would feel lost without their phones for a week. CNBC and Condé Nast have found that for travelers, the top 5 most popular digital activities are staying connected via email (75%), checking the weather (72%), accessing maps (66%), keeping up with the news (57%), and reading restaurant reviews (45%). These activities can quickly rack up several gigabytes of data a month, and many who aren’t lucky enough to have an unlimited supply, end up going over their allotted plan.

There is also a unique opportunity for marketers who are targeting those on the go, and new to the city they are visiting. Mobile ad usage and consumption has soared in recent years, and there are still many marketers who have yet to experiment with this medium.

Mophie has put together a data visual that shows us just how much mobile data travelers are consuming, whether it be business or leisure, and what activities you might want to consider adding to your marketing arsenal.

A Day in the Life of a Data Traveller

Kelsey Cox

Kelsey Cox is the Director of Communications at Column Five, a creative agency that specializes in data visualization, infographics, visual campaigns, and digital PR in Newport Beach, Calif. She is passionate about the future of digital content, advertising, branding and good design. She also really enjoys the beach, cooking, and craft beer.

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  1. Great data to know Kelsey. It is important to know how travelers are using mobile in order to know what and where to deliver content as well as understanding the need to keep from delivering large files that eat up data plans. Marketing types need to enhance the experience (i.e. relationship) versus upsetting a customer or potential customer.

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