Adam Small

Adam Small is the CEO of AgentSauce, a full-featured, automated real estate marketing platform integrated with direct mail, email, SMS, mobile apps, social media, CRM, and MLS.
  • Social Media MarketingAgent Sauce: Push Real Estate Listings to Social Media

    Agent Sauce: Automate Your Real Estate Listings and Virtual Tours To Your Social Media Channels

    Martech Zone mentioned that integrations and automation were going to be key for email marketers. At Agent Sauce, we work with Real Estate agents and that’s exactly what they are demanding. A couple of things you should know about real estate: Real Estate agents aren’t technologists and don’t have an IT department to call up when they need help. They’re…

  • Marketing & Sales Videos
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    Mobile App Builders and Mobile Web Platforms For Your Business

    I’m still generally surprised by the number of sites that are not yet viewable on a mobile device – including very, very large publishers. Google research has shown that 50% of people will leave a website if it is not mobile-friendly. It’s not just an opportunity to get some additional readers, customizing your site for mobile use can enhance your…

  • Advertising Technology

    DeviceRank: The Cost of Mobile App Install and Engagement Fraud

    Companies are investing a lot of money in mobile app development. Wherever the stakes are high, fraud seems to follow. According to a new report from DeviceRank, Mobile App install and engagement fraud will cost advertisers up to $350 million in 2016 AppsFlyer’s State of Mobile App Install & Engagement Fraud is based on the company’s DeviceRank™ technology – the industry’s first fraud…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketing
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    SMS: How to Optimize and Grow Your Text Message Opt-Ins

    While other channels continue to be more popular, there’s one communication channel that continues to spectacularly outperform every channel when it comes to driving retail traffic, non-profit donations, and immediate engagement. That channel is sending a mobile text message via SMS. SMS Marketing Statistics Text messages via SMS have a read rate of 98% 9 out of 10 text messages…

  • Content Marketingcontent marketing real estate

    Content Marketing for Real Estate

    When we built Agent Sauce combining sites, IDX integration, tours, mobile tours, video tours, email marketing, SMS messaging and print, we knew that content marketing was key to driving more sales to agents. And, not surprisingly, our agents that leverage the platform fully see the greatest response and close rates. Content marketing isn’t merely a buzzword or some unproven, experimental…

  • Marketing Infographicsmobile appeal intro

    Mobile APPeal – Exploring the Mobile Landscape

    More smartphone apps than babies? Something about that seems a little frightening… and awesome at the same time. In reviewing the landscape of applications, there appears to be a ton of games, but business productivity apps are lagging behind. I’m sure you’re going to see these numbers match up closer in the future, though, as more and more enterprise companies…

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    How to Use SMS to Win Love, Leads, Revenue

    Text messaging has been a foundation of our success with our real estate marketing platform. When a property gets a visitor, they request information via text from a sign we post on their lawn. When the response is provided with a mobile tour and realtor information, the realtor is immediately notified and can call the visitor to see if they…