Sales, Marketing, MarTech, and Technology Acronyms and Abbreviations

Reading Time: 19 minutes It seems every week, I’m seeing or learning another acronym. I’m going to keep an active list of them here! Feel free to jump via alphabet for the sales acronym, marketing acronym, or sales and marketing technology acronym you’re seeking: Sales & Marketing Acronyms and Abbreviations (A) ABC – Always Be Closing: This is the first of the sales acronyms you should learn as a young sales rep! It’s pretty much the way it works.

Mobile App Builders and Mobile Web Platforms For Your Business

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’m still generally surprised by the number of sites that are not yet viewable on a mobile device – including very, very large publishers. Google research has shown that 50% of people will leave a website if it is not mobile-friendly. It’s not just an opportunity to get some additional readers, customizing your site for mobile use can enhance your user experience since you know that folks are currently mobile! With the huge variety of

DeviceRank: The Cost of Mobile App Install and Engagement Fraud

Reading Time: 2 minutes Download the Study[/button]Companies are investing a lot of money in mobile app development. Wherever the stakes are high, fraud seems to follow. According to a new report from DeviceRank, AppsFlyer’s State of Mobile App Install & Engagement Fraud is based on the company’s DeviceRank™ technology – the industry’s first fraud prevention solution to identify and exclude fraud at the device level –and covers 500 million devices. That forecast is based on different fraudulent activity, both verified and suspected:

SMS: How to Optimize and Grow Your Text Message Opt-Ins

Reading Time: 2 minutes While other channels continue to be more popular, there’s one communication channel that continues to spectacularly outperform every channel when it comes to driving retail traffic, non-profit donations, and immediate engagement. That channel is sending a mobile text message via SMS. SMS Marketing Statistics We’ve shared how to write great SMS messages and how to build great SMS campaigns, but you first have to get users to opt-in! SMS opt-in campaigns are intended to be