The #Hashtag Guide

hashtag guide

We’ve written about the importance of using hashtags when you’re using Twitter, but it’s a methodology that’s spread through other platforms as well. Most notably, Youtube, Instagram and Google+ have added support… with Facebook right around the corner! Simply put, hashtags are a simple way to denote a key word, phrase or topic within your text.

Ever wonder who used the first hashtag? You can thank Chris Messina in 2007 on Twitter!

By preceding your text with a pound sign, you make the content easier to search for and find. For marketers, it’s a required strategy – many professionals scour these sites in search of people, companies, products or services that you are selling! There are also some fantastic tools out there for hashtag research!


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    I think you used the ICQ logo for the IRC entry. Not sure this was on purpose but it confused my a little at first. Apart from that it’s quite nice to read. At least once…. 😉 Thanks for sharing anyway Douglas!

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