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BrightcoveIf I had a million bucks, where would I invest it? Too late! It’s already here… Brightcove. I was on the phone with Pat Coyle today (The Colts) and they have some cool videos that are coming out soon that should be really funny. The Colts are really working on launching an incredible internet strategy. I don’t want to tell too much, but I can’t wait to see where it goes.

To pull folks back to their site, I recommended putting some teasers out on the net… possibly on Youtube or Google Video. Pat mentioned Brightcove as a resource. I hadn’t heard of Brightcove so I checked out their website. Oh my.

Here’s what they offer…

  1. Publishing & Distribution
    Learn how you can use Brightcove to publish and distribute your video online…
  2. Syndication & Affiliation
    Take your website to the next level by syndicating compelling video and rich media content…
  3. Advertisers & Marketing
    Reach your customers where they live online with high-impact broadband marketing strategies…

These folks are catering to anyone who wishes to utilize video via the net. Basically, it looks like they are extending any of the video services you can find on Google or Youtube under your own control. That’s incredibly powerful to any organization… from someone who just wishes to put up a training video, to even a network television company.

Have you heard of some other companies that are launching into Web media like this? Let me know! I’d like to learn more.

Afternote: Gizmodo has an article today on the transformation of Television. “Who’s going to enable all this technology?”, they ask. Hmmm.

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