Kaleidoscope: A Diff App for Apple for Folders, Code, and Images


One of our clients required a new layout for their home page that required quite a bit of development throughout the pages of the theme. While we were great about commenting code, we hadn’t put together a full document on all the new and updated files that we’d developed and we weren’t checking each change into a repository (some clients do not want that). After the fact, it’s not fun to go back and audit folders and files, so I looked for a solution and found it – Kaleidoscope.

With Kaleidoscope, I was able to point to each of the folders and instantly identify which files were added, removed, or differed from one another.

Folder Diff

I was then able to open each of the files that were edited and see a side-by-side comparison of the code changes that were completed. Here’s an example with plain text files:

text diff apple

If that weren’t cool enough, Kaleidoscope can also accomplish this same comparison with images!

Image Comparison

After downloading, I was up and running in a matter of seconds – the user interface was intuitive and easy to figure out.

Download a 14-Day Trial of Kaleidoscope




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