Klear Connect: Influencer Marketing CRM and Campaign Tracking

Klear Connect - Influencer Messaging and CRM

Klear, an influencer marketing technology, has added Klear Connect, a complete solution for influencer campaign management. An important development for influencer marketing—for both brands and influencers. Klear answers the question:

How do you keep track of everything?

Connect streamlines communication between brands and influencers by automating manual processes throughout the influencer program life cycle with an integrated chat service and the ability to collaborate on content, and track payments and Instagram Stories.

Klear Connect enables brands to enhance influencer relationships and campaign success, including the ability to:

  • Onboarding: Use customizable brief templates to provide your influencers with the necessary guidelines to run your campaign
  • Project Syncing: Streamline communication with an integrated chat service to stay in constant contact with influencers, share and approve creative ideas, and follow-up on your latest campaign 
  • Contracts: Send and sign contracts hassle-free
  • Payment Tracking: Aggregate payments and money transfers directly
  • Track Stories: Invite Influencers to authenticate their Instagram profile for the ability to monitor IG Stories

Klear Influencer ROI

Managing the day-to-day activities of an influencer campaign can be challenging for marketers, especially when brands have multiple campaigns running simultaneously. We created Klear Connect to streamline the process so that marketers have all their campaign needs in one place, allowing anyone to manage the entire process from start to finish directly from the Klear platform.”

Eytan Avigdor, Klear CEO and Co-founder

Klear Influencer Hashtag Campaign Measurement

Klear’s solution is an interface connecting brands and influencers; Klear Connect was developed to address the CRM needs of users by enabling transparent communication. The influencer marketing platform now enables businesses to find, manage, monitor, and report on their influencer marketing engagements in a single platform.

Connect provides brands with brief templates of common brand guidelines, deliverables, and expectations so that both parties can align goals. All materials can be shared directly with the influencers via the Klear Connect integrated chat service, while progress can be tracked with real-time notifications.  

Klear Connect Invitation

Additionally, brands can invite influencers to authenticate their Instagram account, allowing for tracking of Instagram Stories. Thus, simplifying the influencer management campaign cycle. 

About Klear

Klear - Find Influencers

Founded in 2011, Klear is a comprehensive influencer marketing solution, offering marketers the ability to build, scale and measure influencer programs from start to finish. With the most comprehensive database on the market, Klear is used worldwide by top Fortune 500 companies, as well as leading marketing and public relations firms. With the capability to zoom in on micro influencers and detect fake followers, Klear’s award-winning software is a strategic end-to-end tool that empowers marketers to launch successful influencer campaigns. Presently Klear has over 30 employees worldwide, and offices in Tel Aviv, New York, Chicago, and London. 

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