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Do Men and Women Prefer Different Colors?

We’ve displayed some great infographics on how colors impact purchase behavior. Kissmetrics has also developed an infographic that provides some input on targeting a specific gender.

I was surprised at the differences… and that orange was viewed as cheap!

Other Findings on Color and Gender

  • Blue is the most common favorite color amongst both men and women.
  • Green elicits feelings of youth, happiness, warmth, intellect, and energy.
  • Males tend to gravitate towards brighter colors, while women gravitate to softer tones.
  • 20% of women named brown as their least favorite color.

From the day that babies are brought home and cradled in their pink or blue blankets, implications have been made about gender and color. While there are no concrete rules about what colors are exclusively feminine or masculine, there have been studies conducted over the past seven decades that draw some generalizations.

Color can have an incredible impact on the opinions and behaviors of consumers. And further, it can have an impact by gender.

Color Theory and Gender Findings Infographic

Douglas Karr

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