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MASV: The Ultimate Solution for Fast and Secure Massive File Transfers

MASV is the perfect solution for media professionals requiring exceptional speed and efficiency for handling massive file transfers of up to 15 terabytes. Users can enjoy unlimited file transfers, join a trusted partner network, and start transferring files within seconds of signing up through a browser or their desktop application.

With remarkable features, integrations, resources, and flexible pricing options, MASV is the top choice for creative individuals and teams. Features include:

  • Lightning-Fast Transfers: Boost speeds with TCP acceleration, channel bonding, and optimizations for 10Gbps bandwidth.
  • Secure File Sharing: Utilize the MASV Portal for secure file requests and receipts from multiple parties.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: Seamlessly back up files from MASV to preferred cloud storage solutions.
  • Collaboration: Create teams, invite unlimited members, and stay updated on deliveries.
  • Automation: Save time with upload and download automation for swift transfers.
  • Integration: Integrate MASV effortlessly with NAS and on-premises storage through the flexible file transfer API.
  • Standards: It ensures global file acceleration and meets stringent security standards, including TPN and ISO 27001 compliance.

MASV Use Cases

MASV caters to a diverse range of industries and use cases, making it a versatile choice:

  • Post-Production: Facilitate rapid file sharing between teams, including raw, proxy, and mastered assets.
  • Live Broadcast: Seamlessly transmit live footage from the field to production.
  • Creative Agencies: Efficiently manage files by project and simplify client billing.
  • Film Festivals & Cinemas: Collect submissions and DCPs for the big screen.
  • Conferences & Events: Share media files from both in-person and virtual events.
  • Content Creators & YouTubers: Collaborate effortlessly with remote editors for streamlined content production.
  • Healthcare: Ensure secure file sharing for imaging files and patient records.

MASV is file transfer without all the stuff that makes file transfer painful.

Alan Saunders, Director of Post-Production at Curiosity Stream

Flexible Pricing Options

MASV recognizes the diverse needs of its users and offers three distinct pricing options:

  1. Pay As You Go (PAYG): This option suits individuals and teams, occasionally sending large files. Users pay a competitive rate of only $0.25 per gigabyte per download.
  2. Monthly Subscription: Designed for teams with regular large file transfer needs, MASV’s monthly plans can be customized to provide predictable monthly invoices.
  3. Custom Pricing: Organizations with advanced security requirements, such as Single Sign-On (SSO), can directly explore tailored pricing options by contacting MASV.

Don’t let sluggish file transfers hinder your progress. Sign up for MASV today and unleash the power of lightning-fast, secure file transfers. Join thousands of media professionals worldwide who have embraced MASV for its speed, security, and unparalleled efficiency. Sign up now and experience a new era of rapid and reliable file transfers.

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