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Maximizing Big Data Value with Pepperdata’s Big Data Stack Optimization and Automated Tuning

When leveraged correctly, big data can superpower operations. Big data now plays an important role in everything from banking to healthcare to government. The staggering growth forecast of the global big data market, from $138.9 billion in 2020 to $229.4 billion by 2025, is a clear indication that big data is now a permanent fixture in the business landscape.

However, to generate the most value out of your big data, your big data stack needs to be constantly tuned and optimized, whether in the cloud or on premises. This is where Pepperdata comes in. Pepperdata provides organizations with comprehensive and automated big data infrastructure optimization. The platform delivers unparalleled observability and automated tuning to ensure your big data infrastructure, apps, and processes run smoothly and efficiently, ensuring SLA-level performance for every application while keeping costs manageable.

Properly leveraging big data requires observability and continuous tuning. This is hard without the right tools. Pepperdata offers the full stack of tools, via our suite of on-premises and cloud products: Platform Spotlight, Capacity Optimizer, Query Spotlight, Streaming Spotlight, and Application Spotlight. 

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight

Pepperdata Platform Spotlight treats you to a 360-degree view of your big data infrastructure. You see everything, including how resources are utilized, historical and real-time demand of your clusters, and which applications are running at optimum levels and which apps are wasting resources.

You get a detailed interface that displays essential details of all your clusters. And when you need to be thorough, you can drill down and dig deeper to analyze any big data application to understand its performance in the context of the cluster. Whenever performance issues arise, Platform Spotlight instantly issues alerts to notify you to implement a faster and decisive response.

Based on real-time performance data, Platform Spotlight will generate ideal configurations to rightsize containers, queues, and other resources, guaranteeing smooth and seamless operations while consuming the right amount of resources. It also looks at the performance data to discover growth trends and accurately predict future resource requirements per application, workload, and process.

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer

Manual optimization of big data stacks is no longer a viable option in today’s competitive world. Speed is of the essence when it comes to utilizing and maximizing your big data. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer continuously tunes and optimizes your big data cluster resources with fast and accurate configuration changes, resulting in as much as 50% big data cluster throughput and more recaptured wasted capacity.

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer also delivers managed autoscaling for workloads running in the cloud. Conventional auto-scaling provides some the elasticity customers need for their big data workloads. However, it is not enough. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer intelligently augments autoscaling to ensure all nodes are fully utilized before additional nodes are created, preventing further waste while cutting down additional costs.

Cloud providers provision infrastructure based on the peak needs of workloads. Maximum requirements are met, but overprovisioning generates a lot of waste if there are too many resources left. Capacity Optimizer is capable of making thousands of decisions per second, performing real-time analysis of the resource usage to optimize the utilization of CPU, memory and I/O resources on big data clusters. The overall effect is that horizontal scaling is optimized and waste is eliminated.

Pepperdata Query Spotlight

Queries are crucial components when speaking in the big data’s context. Queries request and retrieve data to help perform workloads and processes and power up applications. Unoptimized queries can cause workloads and apps to lag. Pepperdata Query Spotlight enables users to delve deeper into each query and gain insightful information on its execution and overall performance of the database.

Pepperdata Query Spotlight helps you to tune, debug, and optimize query workloads, including Hive, Impala, and Spark SQL. With queries performing their tasks faster, costs are drastically reduced, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Query Spotlight allows developers to take a deeper look into query planning and execution information, quickly identify query plan problems, gauge query performance, pinpoint bottlenecks and issues that contribute to slow queries, and speed time to resolution. With this tool, operators are able to narrow down problematic queries almost immediately, even in a multi-user environment. With query performance insights, they can optimize cluster resources and enhance productivity.

Pepperdata Streaming Spotlight

Pepperdata Streaming Spotlight gives IT operations and developer teams a unified and detailed dashboard to view their Kafka cluster metrics with near real-time visibility. The solution also enables them to broker health, topics, and partitions.

This is an excellent tool since telemetry data generated by Kafka is huge and not easily accessible, particularly in massive production clusters. The majority of Kafka performance monitoring solutions fail to deliver the much-required metrics, visibility, and insight to run streaming applications to the highest level of efficiency.

Streaming Spotlight’s powerful Kafka performance monitoring also allows users to configure Kafka performance metrics and make alerts for atypical Kafka behavior and events. These alerts make it easy for users to proactively monitor and detect unanticipated IT infrastructure fluctuations and errors.

Pepperdata Application Spotlight 

Pepperdata Application Spotlight delivers a comprehensive, fully detailed picture of all your apps in a single, unified location. With this solution, you evaluate the performance of each app and diagnose issues 90% faster, resulting in faster resolution and better overall efficiency.

Pepperdata also gives job-specific recommendations for each app and lets you set up notifications that are activated by specific behaviors and outcomes, greatly preventing any risk of failure. Pepperdata Application Spotlight helps you achieve optimal application performance on multi-tenant systems, regardless of where you run your workloads (i.e, on-premises, AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud).

The Pepperdata Big Data Optimization Advantage

Pepperdata’s big data automation solutions have helped major organizations across multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies, to enhance and optimize the performance of their big data stacks. With Pepperdata, companies big and small enjoy massive savings in big data infrastructure spend, reduced MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), and improved performance and throughput.

  • Pepperdata helped a Fortune 100 tech company save $3.6 million in hardware savings while giving granular visibility into cluster highlights, operational trends, and inefficiencies.
  • A Fortune 100 retail enterprise boosted the performance of its big data architecture with Pepperdata. A 30% increase in throughput enabled the company to run more apps and workloads, cut down MTTR by 92%, and gained $10 million savings in infrastructure spending.
  • An international healthcare company ensured 24/7 availability of its life-saving applications using Pepperdata’s capacity planning and optimizer solution. Crucial applications enjoy infrastructure uptime and real-time alerts are issued when custom thresholds are reached, preventing failures.

Maximize The Value of Your Big Data Now

Big data is the future and every industry is moving towards it. But this growth comes with a great cost. You need to unlock the power and value of your big data if your organization is to survive and become resilient, especially in these difficult times.

The more that complex big-data applications migrate to the cloud, the greater the likelihood of misallocation of resources. In 2019 alone, losses attributed to cloud waste amounted to around $14 billion. As economies all over the world begin to recover from the pandemic, organizations need to step up their big data game as everybody else scrambles to re-establish their positions in their respective industries.

Enterprises must bear in mind that costs will only grow if they don’t optimize properly. Business must strive to adopt a machine-learning-powered solution that can quickly pinpoint which clusters are wasting space or resources, while dynamically addressing changing resource requirements.

Contact Pepperdata to see how our big data optimization solutions can elevate your business to a whole new level.

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Ash Munshi

Before joining Pepperdata, Ash was executive chairman for Marianas Labs, a deep learning startup sold in December 2015. Prior to that, he was CEO for Graphite Systems, a big data storage startup that was sold to EMC DSSD in August 2015. Ash also served as CTO of Yahoo, as a CEO of both public and private companies, and is on the board of several technology startups. Ash attended Harvard University, Brown University, and Stanford University.

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