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Pinegrow: A Stunning Desktop Editor with WordPress Integration

I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen a more beautiful code editor on the market than Pinegrow. The editor provides edit-in-place functionality along with real-time responsive previews. Best of all, Pinegrow doesn’t add any frameworks, layouts or styles to your code.

Some key features of Pinegrow:

  • Editing – Add, edit, move, clone or delete HTML elements.
  • Live Editing – Edit and test your page at the same time – even with dynamic JavaScript.
  • Framework – Support for Bootstrap, Foundation, AngularJS, 960 Grid or HTML.
  • Multi-page editing – Edit multiple pages simultaneously. Duplicate and mirror pages – even with different zoom levels and device sizes.
  • CSS Editor – Edit CSS rules visually or via code. Use Stylesheet manager to clone, attach and remove stylesheets.
  • Web Editing – Enter a URL and edit remote pages: change layout, edit text and images, modify CSS rules.
  • Responsive Layouts – Create responsive layouts with the Media query helper tool. Add custom breakpoints or let Pinegrow detect them by analyzing stylesheets.
  • Component Libraries – Add page elements to component libraries and reuse them across projectsas JavaScript plugins so that you can easily edit, share and maintain them.

Even more incredible, Pinegrow has a WordPress add-on that allows you to insert WordPress objects and display actual content. This is a pretty cool feature for those of you who are developing or editing WordPress themes.

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