PPC + Organic = More Clicks

Even though it’s a self-serving piece, Google Research has developed this infographic to provide evidence of how click-through rates change when an organic search result is accompanied by a paid search advertisement. Pairing up the two can help your marketing from two different angles… providing a little more real estate to click on on the search engine results page. The other reason, which may be more critical, is to displace at least one competitor!

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    There is definitely something to be said for having a paid and organic listing on the same page of a SERP.  First, it qualifies the visitor.  If your brand shows up twice, it must be relevant to the needs of the searcher.  Second, it improves the chances of being clicked on.  Some people will click on an ad, others look at the organic results.  If you show up in both you are attracting both types.  

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