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PRISM: A Framework to Improve Your Social Media Conversions

The reality is that you typically don’t sell on social media channels but you can generate sales from social media if you implement a full end-to-end process.

Our PRISM 5-step framework is a process you can use to improve social media conversion.

In this article we’re going to outline the 5 step framework and step through example tools you can use for each step of the process.

Here’s PRISM:

The PRISM framework

To build your PRISM you need to have a great process, content, and the right tools.  For every step of PRISM, there are different tools that are relevant.

  • P for People – To be successful on social media you need to have an audience.  You need to build an audience on a consistent basis but you also need to analyze your audience to make sure the audience is relevant.  There is no point in having 1 million followers if they are not relevant. An example tool to use is Affinio which provides a detailed breakdown of your Twitter followers.  You can use the tool for free if you have less than 10,000 followers.  For every platform, you need to analyze your audience on a regular basis to make sure it’s relevant.
  • R for Relationships – To get your audience to pay attention to you, you need to build a relationship with your audience. You build a relationship at scale using content or build a relationship on a 1 to 1 basis with key influencers. To build relationships you need to use a social media management tool such as Agorapulse. Agorapulse will identify people in your stream that are the influencers or people that just engage regularly with you.   You can’t build relationships with everyone on a 1 to 1 basis so you need to keep an eye on the influencers or engagers.
  • I for Inbound Traffic – Social media channels are not for generating sales so you need to implement specific tactics to drive traffic from social media to your website.  You can also drive traffic through other means, for example, using a blog. One great tool for helping you identify keywords to create content around is Semrush.  For example, you can put in your competitor’s name and find out the top 10 keyword combinations driving traffic to their site.  You can then create content around these keywords or similar.
  • S for Subscribers and Social Retargeting – Most of your social visitors will not buy on the first visit so you need to try and capture their details using email.  Optinmonster is one of the best email capture tools available. If visitors don’t provide their email addresses, you can still retarget these visitors with ads on Facebook or other platforms.
  • M for Monetization – You then need to build out sales funnels that convert your visitors or email subscribers to sales.  One of the most crucial parts of monetization is setting up measurements for every step of your funnel.  Conversionfly is a great tool for doing this.

Social media is great for building an audience and awareness of you, your company, and your products and services.

But… it’s also great for generating sales if you implement a full end-to-end process. You need to understand all stages of the social selling process and implement specific tactics and use specific tools for each stage.

Can you use this framework for social media sales?

Ian Cleary

Ian is the CEO for RazorSocial and has dedicated his working life to helping you figure out the best tools and technology for social media. Ian regularly speaks at events (mainly in the US), and writes for a lot of the top social media blogs.

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