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While many analytics platforms on the market are remnants of technology that’s over two decades old, newer technologies are more focused on user behavior and conversion funnel analysis. Heatmaps are a perfect means of seeing how users are interacting over time with your site’s layout, navigation and calls-to-action. Ptengine offers a collection of tools built specifically for these goals.

  • Heat Map Analysis – Compare heatmaps between different pages, time periods, and unlimited segments to visualize different visitor behaviors.
  • Click Heatmap – Visualize click data with thermographic visualization, giving a quick and easy understanding of visitor behaviors.
  • Attention Heatmap – Data gathered offers proof as to where visitors focus more, helps determine optimal advertisement placement, provides key information when designing and redesigning landing pages, minimizes shopping cart abandonment, maximizes conversions of online forms, and predicts how visitors will use your website in the future.
  • Multi-Device Monitoring – tracks and analyze data from all devices and supports sites built with responsive design.
  • Page Analysis – a robust analytic tool to collect the number of clicks from interactive and non-interactive elements. Regardless of the element, gain insight into the exact number of clicks on your buttons, images, videos, drop down menus and more.
  • Scroll Reach Map – overlay click and attention heatmaps to provide the actual percentage of visitors scrolling to certain sections of your page. Get complete insight as to why your visitors are leaving once they land on your website.
  • Group Analytics – Using Head Match, End Match, Exact Match, and Regex, Ptengine offers different ways to analyze pages that have aspects in common, such as shoes with different colors, cars with different models, articles by different authors, landing pages with different URLs. Save time spent on readjusting existing campaign URL.
  • Campaigns – create campaign URL (or match existing ones), and analyze traffic by name, source, medium, term, and content.
  • Conversion Funnels – Learn where and why visitors stop their visits, and how they navigate throughout your website. Apply Ptengine’s Heatmap analytics to your Conversion Funnel and convert visitors into customers.
  • Real-Time Visitor Overview – collect data on concurrent user traffic, enabling you to make quick and effective marketing adjustment.
  • Geographical Analytics – In real time, pinpoint users geographical locations.Visitor Details
  • Visitor Details – monitor all crucial data of concurrent visitors, such as activities, content navigation, operating systems, web browsers, and referral pages.

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