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Qwilr Sales and Marketing Document Design

Customer communication is the lifeblood of every business. However, with COVID-19 forcing budget cuts for 65% of marketers, teams are being tasked to do more with less. This means being able to generate all marketing and sales collateral on a reduced budget, and often without the luxury of a designer or agency to produce it. 

Remote working and selling also mean sales and marketing teams can no longer rely on in-person communication skills to nurture and grow your customer base. There is increased demand for collateral and documents to replace the face to face communication

At a time like this, the quality of communication, and the accompanying marketing assets can be the difference in businesses acquiring, retaining or losing customers. Now more than ever, marketers need to improve the quality of their digital assets to help the business better communicate their value proposition and bring creative ideas alive remotely. 

Packaging this creativity can be challenging. Incredible ideas can be undersold due to poor communication, weak document design, or opting for a one size fits all template. This makes interactions with potential or existing customers inefficient, unscalable, and unintuitive. 

Eradicating Poor Document Design

Before COVID-19 catalyzed the shift to remote working, old-fashioned enterprise tools were already being reinvented. But the acceleration to remote work meant businesses’ expectations are shifting, and that enterprise technology, particularly for things like document design, needed to have more capabilities in order to support the new way of selling from a distance.

Yet, from talking to teams, I find most are still settling for old-school blanketed personalization or refreshing template proposals with a simple copy and paste to save time. They are also typically sending these via a static PDF.

In the past year, 250 billion PDFs were opened with Adobe software alone.


When you think about it, it’s incredible that businesses still send their best work in static documents, which don’t allow you to edit it after you send it (if you need to – which often happens!) or see when the client has opened the document via your document analytics.

Building A Solution 

Qwilr is a document design and automation tool changing the way sales and marketing teams communicate with their customer base. It was built as a solution to the current challenges facing the marketing and sales industry, namely caused by poor, antiquated modes of communication.

We realized stagnant PDFs and Office Suite documents just don’t cut it in this day and age, yet navigating the tools of digital design can be challenging for the everyday non-graphic designer. Therefore, we set out to make a platform simple and intuitive enough that would allow marketers to design proposals, quotes, product one pages, and more. Every document is also aesthetically appealing and easy to create, to keep prospects engaged. 

Using Data To Inform Pitch Strategies

As meetings move online, marketers and salespeople can no longer rely on body language to determine how well a pitch has gone, or receive real-time feedback post-presentation. 

But more importantly, understanding the psychology behind customer behaviour was a crucial component when building Qwilr. This should inform all elements of a marketer’s outreach and reporting. Qwilr’s tools come packed with advanced analytics functionality and can reveal the details that were missed through virtual correspondence. This includes the ability to know when and where the recipient opened the document, what sections they spent the most time on, informing follow-ups and further sales strategies. 

Staying On Brand Intuitively 

In a field like marketing, where brand identity and visuals are everything, it’s important to exhibit an eye for detail and aesthetic right from the get go. In many cases, the quality of communications is often more important than your actual idea, especially when selling intangible services and concepts.  Customers are also more likely to remember information conveyed through visuals over lengthy text.

Qwilr’s strength is in its simplicity, and the platform comes packed with easy-to-use templates, and modular building blocks to create polished documents quickly. This makes it even easier to take control of your company communications across teams, repurpose your best proposals and ideas while still staying on brand.  

Marketers have used Qwilr at every step of the customer journey, from prospecting to closing sales to ongoing service. This is seen in an example with expense management platform, Abacus, using Qwilr to propose a new marketing strategy for online retailer Kangaroo Shoes, who were trying to grow their market share.

Their Qwilr proposal included multiple services across branding, content strategy, and prototyping, all collated in a single platform. This made it easier to take control of company communications across all teams, repurpose your best work, and to stay on brand. By eliminating time-consuming manual communications and redundant software, you can put your best professional foot forward, every time. 

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