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The email industry has two major problems with its continued use of mass mailings:

  1. Personalization – Sending the same message, at the same time, to all your email subscribers isn’t getting the right message to the right time to the right recipient. Why would Marianne, 24 years old, receive the very same offers as Michael, 57 years old, when they’re interested in very different things? As each recipient is unique, so should each message. Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them according to MarketingLand.
  2. Attention – Timing is the other problem with mass mailing. Even if the content of the email is personalized, all emails are sent at the same time to every recipient. This despite each subscriber having different lifestyles, habits, or even time zones. By sending at the same time, the company will inevitably miss a lot of people who might have been interested in the offer but received it outside of a window of engagement. According to Mailchimp, send time optimization can result in a 22% improvement in engagement.

Email marketing still is the favorite channel listed by customers to receive promotions from brands they like. Companies know that so they keep sending a lot of emails but with the competition in the inbox getting fiercer every day, the lack of relevancy of emails really damages the return on investment of the brands sending it.

Solving the Mass Mailing Problem

Marketers have tried to personalize their email marketing campaigns by simply inserting the subscribers’ first names in the message or in the subject line. The idea here was to make the recipient feel the email has been drafted and sent to him/her only. However, recipients aren’t fooled that easily… especially when the email content is not tailored for them.

Marketers have more data on each subscriber today than they have ever had. Unfortunately, they either don’t know how to fully use it or have a tool that’s powerful enough to leverage it. Perhaps the issue hasn’t been marketers, it’s been that there are only classic emailing platforms available. Reelevant has developed a powerful, yet intuitive product allowing marketing teams to use these data to send the right emails, at the right time, to each subscriber.

Reelevant is a live email intelligence technology that analyzes the context of opening and the behavior of each recipient to deliver the message at the best time and display the most relevant content in real-time.


At each opening of the email, Reelevant changes the content of the message in real time for each recipient depending on the device, the location, and the weather at a given place and time. A fashion e-commerce website, for example, will be able to configure its campaign to display raincoats and pants if it’s raining when the recipient opens the email, and T-shirts and shorts if it’s sunny when the recipient opens this email again.

Reelevant stands out from mass mailing by automatically sending emails at different times for each subscriber. To identify the best time to engage with each and every one of them, the platform’s algorithms analyze their behaviors and habits with each email they receive. The more emails that are sent, the smarter the application gets.

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