Reorganize, Rewrite and Retire Content

reorganize rewrite retire

There’s always such a giant demand for new content that most of us are simply struggling to keep up with writing compelling content that provides value to our audience. This infographic from Marketo on maintaining great content is solid advice.

  • Reorganize – I might use repurpose as the term for this, but we often utilize research, stories and graphics across a spectrum of mediums as we develop content. We might do some research for a webinar, but also write an accompanying whitepaper and a representative infographic and blog post to promote them. Not everyone digests content the same way, so telling your story and optimizing them across mediums is highly effective.
  • Rewrite – we have some posts on technologies that have really evolved. Rather than write a new post on the evolution of the product, we now enhance the original posts and update them. There’s a HUGE advantage to doing this – by maintaining the integrity of the URL, social sharing stats can be added to and search engine rankings can be not only retained, but even improved if the post is optimized well!
  • Retire – this one was tough, but we’ve done it. We were easily over 5,000 posts on this site but there were easily over 1,000 posts that were irrelevant or totally out of date. Some were events from the past, others were outdated technologies, and still others were products that no longer existed. The fact that you had taken the time to write something to delete it later brings a little tear to my eye… but I’d rather have my content focused on topics that are still relevant.

These strategies have been part of an overall maintenance program we’ve started which has resulted in our organic traffic tripling year over year. You might think about how you could develop a maintenance plan for your site that ensures all your content is relevant and timely!


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