How to Justify Responsive Email Design and Where to Get Help!

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It’s pretty shocking but more people utilize their smartphone to read email than to actually make phone calls (insert sarcasm about connectivity here). Purchases of older phone models have dropped by 17% year over year and 180% more business people are utilizing their smartphone to preview, filter and read email than did a few years ago.

The problem, though, is that email applications haven’t advanced as quickly as web browsers have. We’re still stuck with desktop web clients like Outlook that rely on older HTML to render an email properly. Newer email clients will render the latest versions of HTML and CSS properly, allowing amazing email experiences. It ain’t easy to send an email and have it render properly in the vast selection of smartphones, tablets, web and software clients.

It’s essential to use a testing engine like Litmus (we have it combined with our deliverability platform with 250ok, a partner). Responsive email is a combination of old-school table-driven HTML, CSS, and new HTML. The formatting and even the order of your email code is essential to maximize the readability across viewports.

If your ESP doesn’t offer a responsive template, there are a few resources online to get help with responsive email:

  • Acqueous – from the great folks at neteffekt, here’s a free online responsive email template builder!
  • Zurb – has published a series of mobile responsive email templates.
  • Email on Acid – offers up a series of free email templates to get you up and running as fast as possible.
  • Litmus has a selection built by Stamplia that you can download with the associated PSDs.
  • Mailchimp has published some responsive templates on Github. And Respmail has added their own improvements.
  • Responsive Email Resources – A collection of tools and resources for responsive email design.
  • Themeforest has a vast selection of incredible paid offerings along with Photoshop files and instructions.
  • Email Monks – if you’ve got the design down but need it converted, the folks at Email Monks have done a fine job for a few of our clients!
  • DK New Media – if you’ve got a unique problem that you need some assistance with, don’t hesitate to reach out!

As email marketers, responsive design has been a hot topic for a number of years as this inexorable growth has gathered steam. We’ve now reached the point where responsive email design, IS email design! In Instiller’s latest infographic, we’ve compiled a bunch of eye-catching statistics that underscore the importance of catering to mobile users with your email communications. Steve Painter, Instiller

Instiller is an Email Service Provider specifically built for agencies that offers a complete email solution to design, send and report on email sent for their clients (they also include some deliverability tools and reputation monitoring).

Instiller has put together this complete infographic that should help any marketing department or agency justify the investment in converting to a responsive email template, Responsive email design is no longer optional!

Responsive Mobile Email Design

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