Retailers are Improving Experience and Driving Revenue with Text Messaging

retail sms text messaging infographic

The statistics are overwhelming that consumers pay more and engage further with companies that offer a great user experience with increased communication. Text messaging has evolved into one of the universal communication methods that retailers are deploying to improve customer experience and drive revenue.

OpenMarket’s recent Retail Mobile Messaging Report conducted by Internet Retailer, polled 100 e-commerce retail professionals about their use of SMS messaging for customer engagement.

SMS doesn’t have the issues of getting lost in email or filtered into junk filters. And the text message is often consumed within seconds of its delivery – directly to the mobile device of the recipient. In fact, 79% of retailers saw either increased revenue or improved customer experience using text messaging

  • 64% of consumers prefer texting over voice as a customer service channel
  • 75% of millennials prefer SMS messages for deliveries, promotions, and surveys
  • 77% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers texting
  • 81% of consumers are frustrated being tied to a phone or computer for customer service

This infographic from OpenMarket visually depicts the online retail industry’s missed opportunity when it comes to SMS, or text messaging. Text messaging remains an underutilized communication channel that has the potential to deliver much more value than it is today.

Retailer Text Messaging


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