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Ecommerce Sales Pop

Social proof is critical when buyers are making a purchase decision on your ecommerce site. Visitors want to know that your site is trusted and that other people are buying from you. Too many times, an ecommerce site sits static and the reviews are stale and old… impacting new buyer decisions.

One feature that you can add, literally, in a few minutes is a Sales Pop. This is the lower left popup that tells you the name and product that someone has purchased recently. Sales Pops are incredibly influential to a potential buyer who is interested in a product on your site but just doesn’t know whether or not your site can be trusted. By seeing a stream of recent purchases from other customers, they get a sense that you’re a trustworthy e-commerce site.

Programming a system like this can be a bit of a challenge, but Beeketing has built a powerful platform that integrates natively to Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Weebly and Lightspeed. Utilizing AI, Beeketing is able to target and customize their features to optimize overall ecommerce sales.

If you visit my WordPress site, you may have never noticed that I have a services section. Most people don’t realize it so I only get a trickle of sales each month. I installed the sales pop and a few minutes later the platform was fully synchronized. Not only did it already capture previous purchases, but I was also able to add products that I wanted to promote more.

Within one day, I had an additional sale!

The Sales Pop social proof not the only feature within Beeketing, you can add quite a few. Best of all, pricing starts out at free so that you can give it a test drive!

Other Beeketing ecommerce features include:

  • Boost Sales – Upsell and Cross-sell recommendations
  • Personalized Recommendations – recommend products and boost order value.
  • Coupon Box – Increase sales with coupon popups.
  • Recover Cart Pusher – browser notifications for cart abandonment.
  • Currency Converter – automatically convert pricing for international sales.
  • Mobile Converter – to maximize mobile browsers.
  • Help Center – a chat window to help visitors.
  • Happy Messenger – an automated Facebook Messenger integration.
  • MailBot – for personalized email responses.
  • Happy Email – thank-you emails from the store owner.
  • Countdown Cart – to create a sense of urgency on sales.
  • Checkout Boost – get people to share what they’ve purchased on social media.

When you sign up, they also provide you a referral link… so here’s mine:

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