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conversion optimization
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We were discussing internally that the word optimization is often thought to be associated with SEO – search engine optimization. I honestly think the term SEO really needs to go away altogether. If you’re optimizing your site for conversions, it only makes sense that the site is optimized for all channels – including search.

Conversion optimization shouldn’t begin with a visitor that arrives on the site. Conversion optimization needs to be measured and worked on from every medium through to the site. For example, Optimizing a YouTube video can drive viewers from YouTube searches, through to a landing page, on to a conversion.

Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly reported a global typical conversion rate of 2.37%, which is more or less unchanged from a year earlier. We can also see that conversion rates tend to differ by device.

I’d add that there’s a huge difference between an enterprise platform site and an ecommerce site for sunglasses. You’re simply not going to see the same conversion rate in both places. What we concern ourselves with when optimizing our clients’ sites is the trend. Are we increasing conversion rates (and revenue per conversion)?

One area touched on by this infographic is the less is more approach to increasing conversion rates. By limiting options and driving a visitor through to a conversion, their attention isn’t captured somewhere else. Don’t distract a visitor… instead drive them through to a conversion to increase your conversion rates.

That doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the size of your site, though. You can have dozens of landing pages built that are optimized for different paths that visitors will take to your brand.

There’s a lot of discussion around what exactly constitutes a strong website conversion rate – there are lots of variables to consider. However, a number of different studies have produced similar results. AmeriCommerce has curated the results of these studies in one place in the Supercharge Conversion Optimization Infographic.

Conversion Optimization Statistics

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