Utilizing Intelligence to Automate Multi-Channel Prospect Interaction


As this video from SalesRep shows, a huge portion of outbound sales time is spent connecting or scheduling to connect with a customer. SalesRep utilizes call automation with an autonomous, natural language processessing platform to take that effort off of your sales team’s back, enabling them to focus all of their attention on the sale – not the connection.

The platform allows clients to build out scheduled processes utilizing email, voice, and SMS text messaging.

A simple push of a button in your CRM starts the follow up process for every lead your sales person needs to connect with. SalesRep follows up with leads for months without getting tired. When a deal is not made during a contact, add the lead in the follow up process queue and the platform will do the rest.

Key Features of SalesRep Include:

  • Follow up sequences – Action flow of calls, texts and emails system will perform to go after each particular lead. works closely work with your organization to set up sequences based on where along the sales cycle your lead is. If you’ve never spoken to a lead, the proper sequence steps are taken. If you’re following up from a previous sales call a different one is started. Add any follow-up process needed to
  • Phone calls with local presence – will call leads on your behalf as often and as long as you want. will call from local numbers and won’t bother your reps until they get the lead on the line. Once they do – will tell them what the call is about and will then connect to your representative or intake department. If the lead is unavailable, will leave a voicemail or hang up to call back at a later time.
  • AI SMS and emails messages – SMS is sent from local numbers and Emails are sent from your reps personal accounts just as if they were sending them. With an AI element, when receives a message from a lead, it can understand the meaning and act on it. AI can politely Stop or Delay a sequence; Schedule or Reschedule a call; and answer simple questions so you don’t have to.

Here’s a screenshot of just how advanced their sequencing engine can be programmed:

SalesRep Sequencing

The system is comprehensive, with the ability to dive into every customer, every transaction, and every response.

SalesRep SMS Response

They even provide a Chrome extension:

SalesRep Chrome Extension

Integrations include Salesforce, Velocify, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, and Infusionsoft. Utilizing, companies can avoid losing customers, can free up sales rep time for selling, and ultimately close more customers.

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