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How Industry Collaboration Is Improving Cloud Migration For All

How much does your business spend on cloud infrastructure?

Cloud end-user spending will top $500 billion this year, growing 20% from 2021, with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), desktop as a service (DaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS) expected to lead the pack.


The rise of hybrid work and increasing cloud migration of basic services encourage companies to consider new cloud solutions, demanding an efficient and cost-effective approach to their adoption. 


That’s why SAP created RISE with SAP, a bundled cloud service meant to address the growing demand for cloud infrastructure and efficiency, as well as the growth of new cloud software solutions such as PaaS and DaaS.

Included with RISE with SAP is S/4HANA enterprise resource management, business analytics, process intelligence, and other offerings to help companies get started with SAP cloud solutions. Core to this solution is the knowledge that not all businesses are the same—each having different needs and demands from cloud offerings—and the notion that cloud infrastructure can be complicated if not integrated correctly. Average cloud spending can equate to a significant percentage of a business’s total spending and revenue, so it’s important to make sure the migration is smooth and efficient. 

Partnering for Success

SAP saw an opportunity to tailor solutions to fit each unique customer. The company sought to address challenges through collaboration and partnerships, with the partner ecosystem playing a critical role in SAP’s commitment to cloud strategy and transformation solutions. One such challenge, for instance, is the rise of different cloud solutions and associated complexity, coupled with the desire to keep costs manageable. With the rising popularity of services such as DaaS and PaaS, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of spending and software without a coherent plan and compatibility. 

For SAP, building an ecosystem by partnering with innovative companies had two distinct benefits:

  1. SAP’s ecosystem of product offerings could grow, making more solutions available to customers to purchase and deploy easily and efficiently. 
  2. The opportunity to foster partnerships and innovations with companies that have unique and impactful ideas, all striving toward a common goal of global cloud migration. 

SAP Store Helps Customers Transition to the Cloud, Quickly, Easily

Innovative companies lead to the growth of SAP’s ecosystem of cloud offerings, and SAP Store provides easily accessible solutions covering a wide range of industries, all available in a single location.

SAP Store - Find SAP Solutions and Partners

Having these solutions available on SAP Store not only helps customers evolve and migrate services to the cloud seamlessly, but also helps them along their broader digital transformation journey, with the ultimate goal of becoming more flexible and efficient in an increasingly digital world. Here are some examples:

  • energyOS, an SAP partner, delivers digital solutions that help utility companies embrace the transition to clean energy and cloud infrastructure. These offerings use SAP Business Technology Platform to allow utilities and their customers greater transparency and control over electricity production and consumption through the cloud. User interfaces, energy analysis, and system conditions are all available through energy OS and SAP for potential utilities customers worldwide.
  • Exnaton partnered with SAP to create a platform for trading decentralized renewable energy, focusing on the rise of homeowners that produce their own electricity via solar panels, and have the ability to sell it back to utilities. Exnaton offers a unique solution for this growing field of decentralized energy. 
  • Other partners, such as LKM Tecnologia, create unique cloud solutions that are tailored for specific aspects of a business. Its solution is aimed at processing and storing invoices, forms and other data in the cloud, along with tax calculation software. By having this solution available on SAP Store for customers to easily find and purchase, LKM provides the coveted flexibility that customers are looking for. 

Moving to the cloud can be a daunting, complex task – but it doesn’t have to be. The beauty of having an array of cloud solutions available on SAP Store in tandem with RISE is efficiency and simplicity; customers don’t have to look far for custom solutions that are easy to purchase and deploy. RISE with SAP makes it easy for customers and partners to move toward their goals of widespread cloud migration, new technology innovation, and an overall improved cloud experience. 

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Amanda Mountain

Amanda is the Global Vice President of SAP Digital Commerce. Amanda has been with SAP for over 15 years, starting in industry analyst relations and growing into a variety of communications and marketing roles over the years - for topics as diverse as pricing and licensing and sustainability to Netweaver and Supply Chain Management. Most recently she headed up marketing for our digital commerce channels - SAP Store and SAP App Center - working every day to make it as simple as possible to do business with SAP.

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