The Rise of the Second Screen

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We’ve written about the future of Social Television, but the fact is that the second screen is already here. Outside of going to the movies, when my television is on at home, I always have a laptop, tablet or my iPhone at the ready. A second screen is natural to me… and it’s becoming mainstream for everyone else, too!

Changing Television Advertisements and Product Placement

How does this change how we market? Well for one, companies that advertise on television must integrate strategies online. Building out easy to find landing pages that are easy to consume on a mobile device or tablet are essential. Your commercial shouldn’t simply have a twitter of Facebook icon, it should have a landing page that’s deliberately put there for those observers. I might suggest having a /tv path on your site with a well-formatted and easily navigated page with large fonts and lots of whitespace for the user to work with.

And don’t be surprised at what’s just around the corner with audio fingerprinting technologies. Applications for your mobile or tablet device will soon be commonplace that know when you’re watching a specific television show or being shown a commercial. Imagine an application that literally provides you links and offers as you watch… synchronized to your tablet whether you’re watching live or observing a pre-recorded show.

Changing User Cognition and Web Behavior

For companies that aren’t advertising on television, it means that – more than ever – it’s key to have mobile and optimized sites, applications and well-optimized pages that are easily found in search. I believe the second screen is having a HUGE impact in user cognition when it comes to viewing your web pages. Users are multi-tasking, attention is down even further. The old 2 second rule of looking at a web page and understanding what it’s about has probably shrunk to a single second.

Utilizing interactive applications and digital publications to increase time on site and interactivity are essential. The rise of the second screen will continue to change user behavior… act now!

rise of the second screen

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