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Shoutem: The Most Efficient Mobile App Development Platform

This is one of those topics that I have some really tough love on when it comes to my clients. Mobile apps may be one of those strategies that continues to have the highest costs and the lowest returns on investment when done poorly. But when done well, it has insanely high adoption and engagement.

Daily about 100 apps are uploaded to the market, out of which 35 percent make an impact in the market. Thus, keeping the instant failure rate at 65 percent. It is a huge task for developers and marketers today to build and launch an app which can flourish in the market. The success rate of an app is at 0.01 percent, which means chances of failure are very very high.

Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail To Make An Impact

What Makes An Exceptional Mobile Application?

  • You must add a user experience that’s superior to your web experience utilizing the tools that are integrated in a mobile device – from audio, accelerometer, location, camera, and/or security.
  • You must have an amazing user experience that is beyond simple. Too many options or complexity and people are going to remove it. This takes an amazing user experience team to accomplish.
  • You must be agile and responsive at the speed of light to respond to demands and continue to improve the application – ahead of your customers and your competitors. If you’re not, you lose. Too many times, I watch companies blow their entire mobile app development budget on a first version that shows promise… but there’s no resources to optimize and release the next generation.

If that sounds difficult and extremely expensive – it is. But there is an alternative – build your mobile application on a mobile app builder that is already tested, optimized for user experience, and is scalable with all the options you need. The cost difference moves from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of dollars a month – with less bugs and faster deployment.

It’s not that apps aren’t utilized. In fact, app downloads are predicted to reach 260 million by 2022! Between March and May 2019, between 35,000 and 42,000 apps per month added to the iOS App Store. At issue is that there are so many applications that are useless – with budgets exhausted and the companies incapable of meeting consumer or business demands in a timely manner.

This is why mobile app builders are the popular alternative for so many businesses to deploy an exceptional experience without going broke or risking adoption. Mobile app builders are incredible at deploying proven interfaces and features that can quickly take advantage of devices natively without the great expense.

And when you build a superior interface that your customers or prospects adopt, you now can capture their information, personalize the experience further, and communicate with them directly through their mobile device – bypassing all the inefficiencies of advertising and other mediums.

Shoutem: Create Exceptional Apps – Faster!

Shoutem started as a tool for creating microblogging communities in 2008. With the rise of smartphones, company’s focus pivoted toward mobile apps.  With the fifth generation of Shoutem app builder, based on React Native, the platform allows users to create truly native and cross-platform mobile apps.

Mobile App Builder

The platform provides a complete development environment and tools, and freedom to change any functionality of the platform or create a new one. All functionalities are open-sourced so you’ll never get locked, allowing you to keep the focus on innovating the core of your application.

Create a Mobile App

You can use the platform as DIY app builder, to create an app without a single line of code, as they’ve already built most of the functionalities you’d expect from an app, waiting for you to plug them into your app.

Shoutem Advantages

  • Agency Accounts – Create apps for clients in a fraction of the time. Upgrade client services with custom-branded CMS for mobile apps, or custom feature development by your team.
  • Design and performance – built on top of React Native, supporting truly native iOS and Android interface and performance.
  • Extension Marketplace – Extend features, functionality, integrations, and themes with over 40 extensions.
  • Development – Complete development environment and platform based on React Native. Use and modify Shoutem extensions or, build your own.
  • Monetization – Shoutem supports all major ad services. You can even send push notifications automated from a feed.
  • Maintenance – Shoutem eliminates high monthly fees for servers, incorporates CMS, dashboard, push notifications, analytics, and iOS & Android updates.
shoutem for developers@2x

Create a Mobile App

Shoutem Built-In Screen Types

  • About – Show info about your app or your business
  • Analytics – Shoutem analytics extension defines interface in a form of dispatched redux actions which can be used to track Shoutem events. Use middleware to intercept analytics actions and track events.
  • Books – Show books and authors
  • CMS – Shoutem CMS extension
  • Code push – Provides CodePush support for over the air code updates
  • Events – Show items with location and time
  • Favorites – Extensions that are using Shoutem Favorites extensions are able to store and retrieve items that that app user has bookmarked in local app storage.
  • Firebase – Extension for configuring the integration with Firebase for sending push notifications, storage, etc.
  • Google Analytics – Enable Google Analytics
  • Layouts – Shoutem Layout extension
  • Main navigation – App-level navigation
  • Navigation – Shows sub-navigation for the nested screen
  • News – Show news articles
  • People – Show people and contact details
  • Photos – Show a photo gallery
  • Places – Show items with location
  • Products – Show products with purchase link
  • Push notifications – Base extension for push notifications
  • Radio – Stream a radio station
  • Restaurant menu – Show a restaurant menu
  • RSS – Shoutem RSS extension
  • RSS News – Show news articles from RSS feed
  • RSS Videos – Show a video gallery from RSS feed
  • Theme – Resolve and store theme related configuration
  • User authentication – Show user profile, sign out user
  • Videos – Show a video gallery
  • Vimeo videos – Show Vimeo video gallery
  • Web view – Show a web page in-app or in a browser
  • YouTube videos – Show YouTube video gallery

Create a Mobile App

Disclosure: Martech Zone is an affiliate partner of Shoutem.

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Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and a recognized expert on digital transformation. Douglas has helped start several successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to launch his own platforms and services. He's a co-founder of Highbridge, a digital transformation consulting firm. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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